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FB Ads NOW – $297

Learn, implement and bring in the customers with this workshop focused on getting your ads up and running.  You will learn and you will do during this training taught by the one and only Tamiko Kelly. Tamiko’s bread and butter is Facebook ads and she is an extremely gifted teacher who makes it SIMPLE and DO-ABLE. This isn’t some kind of big complicated mess or anything like that. 

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Recurring Revenue NOW – $497

Membership sites can be a business itself or can easily complement (and increase lifetime value of your customers) for a variety of business models including online courses, coaching and much more. This workshop, taught by Bree Noble, covers how to create, launch & manage a profitable membership site (so you can watch those dollars come in month after month on auto-pay!).

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Create Awesome Online Coaching Programs – $497

This masterclass and workshop shows you step-by-step how to create & run a successful group coaching program (even if you have never coached before).  Coach Merilyn Berretta walks you through the basics of coaching, how to create great deals, facilitate groups and so much more.

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Create Awesome Facebook Groups – $197

The proven step-by-step system to create a free FB group that grows your email list, creates incredible relationships and community & sells more of your stuff. Taught by Josh and Jill Stanton from Screw The 9-5, this workshop covers everything from how to setup your group, to growing and engaging your followers and even talks about how to sell your prodcuts withing the group (in a non-sleezy way of course).

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Rock Instagram – $197

Learn to build and leverage a following on Instagram (even if you aren’t super sexy & nobody knows who you are).  Taught by rising star and internet personality Lauren Tickner, this workshop covers how to optimize your account, hack hashtags, go viral and more.

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The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Workshop – $197

Learn how to use affiliate marketing for good (not evil) and by good we mean how to EXPLODE sales of your stuff and other people’s stuff like a rockstar. Taught with Nick Stephenson. This workshop answers the questions “I’ve launched, now what?” with a proven process developed over 2+ years of DIY, over 3,500 paying customers, hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out in commissions and well over $2m of revenue.

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The Most Kick-Butt Webinar Blueprint Ever – $197

This is the exact system created by my good friend John Richardson (and copied by me, hah and now can be copied by you) to create webinars that sell. Step-by-step. The idea behind this workshop is you spend a couple of hours with us (via the online training) and you will be able to create your own kick-butt webinar that sells (and educates) in a couple of hours.

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Bundle and save!

The Post Launch Bundle – $297

Designed for those that have already launched and need to know what’s next in terms or selling their product/course/ect.

  • Includes: The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Workshop & The Most Kick Butt Webinar Blueprint
  • Normal Price for both: $394
  • Savings of 25%

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The Revenue Stream Booster Bundle – $697

Designed for those that want to offer another stream of revenue in to an existing product (OR get started with coaching and membership sites).

  • Includes: Recurring Revenue Now and Create Awesome Online Coaching Programs
  • Normal Price for both: $994
  • Savings of 30%

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The Ultimate Marketing Bundle – $397

Designed to help customers expand their reach and generate an audience of people who know, like and trust you.

  • Includes: Facebook Ads Now, Rock Instagram and Create Awesome Facebook Groups
  • Normal Price for all three: $691
  • Savings of 43%

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