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Below are some (of many!) Create Awesome Online Courses success stories from students just like you (woohoo!). This section will be updated many times over so make sure to check back.

These are completely uncensored, uncut with zero B.S. (that’s how we roll).

Use ’em for inspiration, ideas, however-you-want.

The one thing all these folks have in common? They follow the system and put in the work! No excuses 🙂

And once you launch your course, make sure to tell us about it right here and we will add you in as the next success story.

Here we go:

$130,208 in the first week…the incredible story of Nick Stephenson

From $0 (and nearly homeless) to $3,000 to $81,000 to $115,000+ …The Incredible Story Of Renae Christine

The Most Successful 1st Course Launch In The History Of Create Awesome Online Courses: The $226,000 Case Study With Mark Dawson

“The Smaller Size Bigger Life” $120,000 (!!) Course Launch with Heather Jones

From Stressed Out Speaker to 7 Figure Mentor (and online course creator) with David Newman

Small But Mighty: How Elise Grice crushed it with a $63,259 Course Launch (with an email list of less than 1,500)

How A Former Park Ranger & Teacher Created And Launched Her First Online Course (that brought in $51,840) with Nikki Elledge Brown

How Christopher Stafford Launched His First Online Course And Brought In $35,000 (and raving customers!)

A $131,463 Incredible Success Story: How Jon Acampora Turned Teaching Excel Into A 6-Figure Business

What Happens If Your First Online Course Launch “Feels Like a Failure” with Jamie Larson

How An Academic Neuroscientist Ended Up Creating & Teaching A Hugely Successful Online Course

How A Professional Ballet Dancer Turned Aerialist Created An Extremely Successful Online Course (with ZERO tech experience)

He Sold $5 Million of his online course… how did he do it? With Will Mitchell

From the Corporate World to a Massively Successful Baby Sleep Coaching Business with Tamiko Kelly.

How Starla Moore Went from 0 to over $100,000 in online course sales in a year.

How Adrienne Built a Successful Online Course Business Teaching Sign Language and Helping Toddlers.

How Shane Olson Went from Laid Off at Disney to a Massively Successful Online Course Creator.

Your success story? Make sure to submit it after you launch right here

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