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Embrace the Objection

When I first released Create Awesome Online Courses in 2013 we had several prerequisites to purchase.

For example, you had to have a platform and an email list.

And this was great for years but then funny things were happening:

We received a huge amount of emails and questions from people who were beginners and starting from scratch. They realized the course was not for them and were sad.

It was a huge objection. “Well, I’d enroll but…”

This was a pivotal moment. What do I do? What would you do?

I had two roads I could have gone down.

Road #1: Stick to what we are doing. Say no to people starting from scratch.

Road #2: Knock out the biggest objection.

The road we went with? #2. And the gameplan meant creating List-A-Palooza (which has sense been updated to an all inclusive Traffic Strategy Library) to include with Create Awesome Online Courses (a course within a course) that shows people how to build their first 500-1,000 email subscribers and covers everything from setting up a landing page, to creating an epic giveaway to traffic to building relationships with the people on your email list.

We then changed. We told people if they didn’t have a list and starting from scratch this ABSOLUTELY was for them (thanks to List-A-Palooza).

We took the biggest objection “I don’t have a list” and wiped it away. #byefelicia

What happened?

Business grew.

And grew.

And went from around 1 million a year to close to 2.5 million just by knocking out that big objection.

Point of the story?

Pay attention to the biggest objection out there in your market. Why are people NOT buying*? Ask them. Pay attention to emails that come in.

And then embrace it. Create a solution for it.

*NOTE: Some people will simply say “I don’t have the money” …just remember you are NOT the money fairy. The only thing you can consider in this case is offering a payment plan which will help those in this situation, but don’t do anything drastic like cut prices or anything like that.*


PS: Another great example of this shift is Nick Stephenson (Create Awesome Online Courses grad) who teaches authors how to market their books. His course was quite successful but ended up with a lot of “well, I don’t have a book!” So guess what he did…he created a special bonus training and embraced the people who don’t have a book. Results? His business is way up. Embrace the objection.