Elon Musk’s Grok: The Cutting-Edge AI Chatbot Challenging ChatGPT

By Chris Huntley 

Published on  November 7, 2023

Elon Musk’s company, xAI, has introduced Grok, a chatbot integrated with X (formerly Twitter) aimed at providing real-time, intuitive interactions with users. Grok stands out with its promise of delivering responses with a sense of humor and a rebellious edge.

Hmmm…. sounds like it’s made “in the image” of its creator!  🙂 

Its engine, Grok-1, has shown impressive results in academic tests, surpassing ChatGPT-3.5 while still developing to match the capabilities of GPT-4​.

Grok operates on a language model trained using real-time data from the X platform, which may offer it an edge in providing current and relevant responses.

Elon Musk AI Chatbot - Grok

When Will Grok Be Available?  And at What Price?

It’s currently in beta and available to a limited user base, with plans for broader access to X Premium+ subscribers at $16 a month.

In contrast, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, offers a free tier with access to an older language model and a paid tier for the more advanced GPT-4 model at $20 a month.

ChatGPT’s language models are trained on a wide swath of internet data up to a certain point in time, while Grok’s use of real-time data from X could make it the most current AI chatbot around​.

Grok is owned by Musk’s AI startup xAI, linked to X Corp and X Holdings Corp, and aims to integrate with other Musk ventures like Tesla. On the other hand, ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI, founded in 2015. While anyone can try ChatGPT, Grok is currently in early beta testing, with a wider release expected soon. Grok will be part of X Premium+, with the beta waitlist already open for sign-ups​.  (See below)

This information illustrates that while both Grok and ChatGPT are advanced AI chatbots, they have distinct ownership, access levels, and data training methodologies. Grok’s integration with X and Musk’s other projects could offer unique synergies and a different approach to user interaction, especially with its real-time data and humorous response style.

Early Access:

You can sign up for early access now at https://grok.x.ai/ but keep in mind it’s only available to verified X users.


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