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Success Story: How Christopher Stafford launched his first online course and brought in $35,000 (and raving customers!)

Chris Stafford

Back with ANOTHER success story…gotta love these (I mean do they get old? Nope).

I love bragging about my CAOCers (Create Awesome Online Courses students) who are rocking so you can get some ideas and inspiration (and also give them a pat on the back…they deserve it).

Chris is a long time student of mine and a fantastic action taker who totally crushed his his “Top Producer Blueprint” course.

In this interview, Chris spills all the beans. Unfiltered. Uncensored. Let’s get at it:

Here are the questions:

Name:  Christopher Stafford

Name Of Your Course: “THE TOP PRODUCER BLUEPRINT  – The Proven Step-by-Step System to Use Your Mind and Body to Develop Your Real Estate Business Into a Powerful Machine”

1. Let’s get the THE BIG FACTS out there first. What was your list size when you launched your course?

Approx 50, now its about 500

2. What is your total revenue generated so far?

Approx $35,000 (just did my hard launch Jan 1.) WITHOUT a ton of marketing.

3. How did you come up with the idea for your course?

I wanted to create a course that gave real estate agents the shortcuts to developing/ramping up their business while cutting the learning curve dramatically as to what they need to do AND having time for a healthy life.  I wanted to use my 22 years experience in real estate sales to show them what’s important and what’s not.  And I liked the use of the word BLUEPRINT, like a pathway to show them how.

4. Who is your course for?  

New real estate agents and agents in the business less than 5 years.

5. How long did it take you to create your course from start to finish?  

Honestly, about 3 months.

6. Did you face any big challenges (in creating, promoting, launching, anywhere along the journey)? Tell us about them and how did you overcome them?

Marketing!  Marketing!  Marketing!  People love it when I get in front of them and speak about the course, they love the course, it’s just getting in front of my people, in person and online to make more sales. So really concentrating on my marketing.

7. How did it feel to make that first sale?  

Elated!  Derrick Halpern talks about just finding one person/sale and make that person special and that’s what I did. I was over the moon!  And that one person said:

 “When I started my Real Estate business, I was looking for magic to develop it, therefore I took a course at the Long Beach Expo regarding business planning/marketing. Chris was the speaker and his presentation motivated me in such a way that I purchased his course on site. The Top Producer Blueprint course is designed to teach the principals to start and/or grow a real estate business. It inspired and created positive energy to direct me towards my goals where the sky is the limit. This course satisfied my wishes and I was extremely pleased. I found out there wasn’t any magical way; with this course one can become a magician and do magic every day. “  — Andre Gharibian, Broker, Lawyer, and Professor

8. How has creating and selling your course changed your business/perspective?  

I know it’s now possible. Possible for me to create the life of my dreams, to make ALOT of money, only work with people I love and, most importantly, to be in SERVICE to people.

9. What’s your advice to someone who is about to begin on their journey to create, promote & profit from online courses?  

Simple, buy D’s course.  See answer in 11.

10. What would you say to someone who is interested in David’s Create Awesome Online Courses program?

Don’t think, just buy it. This course showed me the way.  It showed me the mechanics of producing the course and will dramatically cut your learning curve…DRAMATICALLY!  By most importantly, especially for me, the course gives you the CONFIDENCE to make it all happen.

11. What’s next for you?  

Getting PAID speaking engagements while promoting my course. I have given about 12 presentations in the past 6 months to hundreds of people at  a time, but all for free (but making back room sales).  Also figuring out now to score more webinars to promote the course as well.

12. Have there been any other ‘surprises’ that have resulted from launching your course…also any final thoughts?     

All the things you’d expect: list grew, more radio interviews, more live speaking gigs, more confidence in explaining my mission and USP (unique selling point).

The most surprising thing though is the wonderful feeling of JOY and HAPPINESS I receive when agents going through my course ask me questions, and I guide them and see their own progress and confidence improve.  It really is a badass feeling to know that you’re helping others in the world, being IN SERVICE and creating a business out of love and inspiration that really is making a difference to others.  Thank you SO much David for your part in making that feeling happen. Your course made it so much easier to achieve. You are an outstanding teacher and I am grateful to you.

In gratitude,



I love guys like Chris. So inspiring. There are lots of lessons to take away from Chris’ success, but here is a big one:

Sure list size matters, but having the RIGHT people on your list matters more. Chris started with smaller list of 50 folks…but they were the “perfect 50” if you will. I know I’d rather have a list of 50 of the right people than 5,000 wrong ones.

Cheers to Chris. He deserves it after all the hard work. Not only is he changing the lives of realtors, but his life is changing as well.

Hope you will be my next success story.

If you are ready to get going on your course creating journey, I’ve put together a free training to get you started.


    1. Kaivan Dave says:

      Sue, do you own

      1. I do! My husband and I started it almost 9 years ago.

    2. Christopher Stafford says:

      Thanks so much Sue!

  1. Galen says:

    Awesome Chris! Since you started with such a small list, what was your main source of traffic to your course video signup landing page? Thanks again! Very inspiring 🙂

  2. Very encouraging story, David.

    From 50 to 500 subscribers, and 35k later? Hello?!! Congrat’s @disqus_vAAhZoFJLJ:disqus!

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