Outline Your Darn Course Challenge  


Each day you will get a super short video and exercise that you can complete in a matter of minutes. 

At the end of five days you will have your course COMPLETELY outlined. Mark it off the to-do list and ride that momentum!

One of the biggest things that hold folks back from creating a successful online course is getting started, gaining momentum and confidence.

And it ALL starts with your course outline. Yes, an outline.

  Your outline is your roadmap. Your blueprint. It shows you exactly how you are going to teach whatever-it-is-you-are-going-to-teach in your online course regardless if it is teaching iguanas how to dance or sheep how to a pull-up.  

However, the blank sheet of paper to outline your course can be daunting.  

The good news is there is a METHOD to the madness (and a strategy).  

Even better news? It only takes a few minutes a day. 

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