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The #1 Program in the World for Turning Your Expertise & Experience Into a Successful Online Course & Dream Business got a complete overhaul. Welcome to CAOC 2.0.

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  • Step-by-step video tutorials where you metaphorically sit on my shoulder as I show you exactly what to do. Including…
  • How to shoot your interviews via Skype & Ecamm Call Recorder, add introductions and conclusions (if you want) via ScreenFlow, how to easily edit your interviews (in less than 10 minutes!) using ScreenFlow.
  • Tips and tricks I’ve picked up, common mistakes to avoid and recommended settings (and a one-page resource guide).
  • plus you will have the ability to download tutorials or login anytime to watch them, re-watch them, make sure you are doing it right, etc.
  • NOTES: Your credit card will be billed from “The David Siteman Garland Agency LLC” Also, you can ignore any shipping instructions (this tutorial involves no shipped product) as everything takes place online.

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