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How would you like to explosively grow your business over the next 90 days by working with me 1-on-1?


Many years ago, I was a part of a Mastermind group led by an extremely successful entrepreneur.

While the people in the group (I’m sure) were lovely people, by far the best part (and what I really wanted) was direct feedback and to have my questions answered by the guy in charge.

I didn’t want to wait for a “group phone call” or an event, or have to twiddle my thumbs waiting for other people to go before I could ask.

I wanted the ability to ask questions to the man (in this case) himself.

Thankfully (yay) they offered this as part of the program.

All I had to do was hop on Voxer (a free app that is kind of like a walkie talkie) and ask for questions or feedback.


“So, I’m coming out with a new program on teaching hamsters how to do backflips and I can’t decide on one payment of $197..or should it be $297? GR! Or should I offer a payment plan? What should I do?!”


“I’m trying to figure out where to focus on my business right now to get more customers. Should I do Facebook ads? Instagram? Face-stagram (who knows what this is?!)? Blog? Podcast? Or should I just panic?”


“So, I’m adding a Facebook Group to my program. Yay. What should I be thinking about that I don’t even know I should be thinking about? Any tips for success?”


“Should I wear a pink or purple shirt today?”

You get the idea 🙂

While that was many years ago, Nick Stephenson (one of our most successful Create Awesome Online Courses students) brought the idea to me last year for direct feedback (1-on-1).

Turns out he was just like me, and wanted direct feedback from me on his challenges, strategies, goals, etc.

That’s when the light bulb went off…

My team and I put our heads together and thought…how can we serve Create Awesome Online Courses students BETTER? Especially those who want and need something a little extra?

What if I could be “On Demand” to answer your questions, give feedback and use my 10-years-plus experience to steer you in the right direction?

What if we could tackle your big goals together and explode your business over the next 90 days?

And also, what if you could also get access to my team (Lindsey our Operations Manager, Eleanore Community Manager & Customer Service and my Dad, Randy, who handles all things payments and money)?

That’s how this private mentorship was born.

This is by no means for everyone. But this is for committed action-takers who want my direct feedback and want to have a direct pipeline to ask questions, and more importantly, implement in their business.

Whether you are looking to finally get your course DONE and out there, want to double your sales, want more systems in your business to create more freedom and leverage or wherever else you need…I’m here for you.

How will your business look 90 days from now with my help from me and my team?

See the mentorship in action…

it’s that easy!


  • This program is limited to JUST Create Awesome Online Courses students (12 max).
  • The cost of this program is 6k but because this is the first time we are offering it, the first 12 people will pay 4k.
  • That is for a full 90 days of direct access to me. After 90 days, you can continue for an additional 90 days grandfathered in at this price (as long as you stay in the mentorship your price will be grandfathered in at 4k…you can continue for as long as you like in 90 day increments).
  • You will get direct Voxer access to me to ask your questions, get feedback, etc. and a special email address to access my entire team.


  • Fill out your application on the next page (again don’t delay as these spots will go FAST there are nearly 5,000 CAOC students and only 12 spots)
  • After your application is received, it will be reviewed by our team. If we have any questions, we will reach out and might even have a quick phone call.
  • Once you are accepted we will send payment information and hold your spot for 24 hours and you will receive access to my Voxer and the ability to reach out to the entire RISE team as well.

Let’s do this thing together and rock the next 90 days,



Applications due no later than Thursday, August 30th at 11:59 PM Pacific