Step 4

Master ONE Traffic Source

Unlock the power of dedicated traffic generation to fuel your online business growth. Here's how to find and dominate the right traffic source for you.

In the digital landscape, traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. But not just any traffic—targeted, consistent, and engaged traffic that converts visitors into leads and sales. With a myriad of channels available, it's crucial to pinpoint one that resonates most with your brand and audience.

In this step, we'll help you identify, focus on, and dominate one traffic source to effectively fuel your growth.  

The Power of Focus:

The marketing world is brimming with distractions. You can find case studies of marketers having crazy amounts of success on every platform. They all look doable and you want to try them all! But when you get pulled in multiple directions, it's easy to get lost.

Here's a truth seasoned marketers know: the essence of strategy is not to be everywhere, but to be the most impactful where it matters.

By honing in on one traffic source, you're not putting all your eggs in one basket; you're cultivating a fertile ground for them to thrive. It’s about aligning your resources, strengths, and content to create a compelling presence in one place. Here's how to zero in on the right channel for you:

  • Your strengths: Identify where your natural talents lie. Are you a writer? SEO might be your battleground. Do you have a knack for captivating an audience with just your voice? Podcasting could be your arena.
  • Your comfort zone: It’s crucial to operate in a space where you feel confident. If live interactions energize you, consider Facebook Live or Instagram Stories.
  • Your content preference: Engage in platforms where you spend your time as a user. You’ll have an innate understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Traction Testing: Start by casting a wide net, testing various channels to see where your message sticks. Monitor closely to identify which platform yields the most engagement and conversion.

As John Maxwell puts it, "You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything." By concentrating on one path, you're not ignoring the rest; you're choosing to excel in what brings the best returns.

Deep Dive into Traffic Sources:

Let’s dive deeper into each traffic source and unearth the potential within. As we develop our resources at Rise to the Top, we'll add guides to each of these traffic types:


This was my focus area on where I grew organic SEO traffic to 70,000+ visits per month.  But it didn't come easily.   SEO is a marathon that rewards the persistent. Start with comprehensive keyword research to understand what your audience is searching for.  I use Ahrefs for my keyword research.

Create content that answers these queries, enriching it with the keywords you’ve found. Remember, SEO isn’t just about pleasing Google—it’s about providing real value to your readers. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, focus on building backlinks (see my HARO guide), optimizing your site’s speed, and enhancing user experience. A well-optimized page can yield traffic for years to come.

Social Media:

Each social platform harbors unique opportunities and challenges. Consistency and engagement are your allies in this space. Share content that resonates with your audience, start conversations, and be present. Tools like Buffer or Hootsuite can help you manage your presence efficiently. Track your analytics to understand which posts drive the most engagement and refine your strategy accordingly.


YouTube is a search engine for the visually inclined. Create content that teaches, entertains, and informs. Pay attention to video SEO by optimizing your titles, descriptions, and tags. Engaging thumbnails and clear calls-to-action can increase your click-through rates. Collaborate with other YouTubers to tap into new audiences.

TikTok is a bit of a land grab right now.  This fast-growing video platform known for its viral content and highly engaged user base. It's ideal for creating short, captivating videos that can reach a large audience quickly. The algorithm favors content that gains immediate traction, so creativity and trends are key to success on TikTok.  If you're starting out with zero traffic and zero authority in your space but you're creative, the amounts of traffic you can gain in a small period of time on TikTok is crazy.  Just take my friend, Curtis Ray, who has 1.5 million followers on TikTok talking about life insurance as an investment, of all things.


Podcasting allows for intimate connections with your audience. Craft episodes that delve into topics your audience cares about. Use platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify to reach listeners, and don't shy away from promoting your episodes on your website and social media. Interviews with other experts can broaden your reach and bring in new listeners.

Partnerships & Networks:

I love this strategy because it doesn't require you to have an audience.  Think of appearing on other peoples' podcasts, writing guest posts for other sites, or even partnering on an email blast to their audience.  Provide value first, be genuine, and don't be afraid to reach out. Your network can be a significant source of warm traffic.

Paid Traffic (PPC):

When executed well, paid traffic can be a game-changer. Start small, test your ads, and analyze the data. Use tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager to tweak your campaigns for better performance. Don’t get discouraged by initial losses; use them to learn and improve.

What About Other Traffic Sources?

Yes, while your main focus should be your chosen traffic source, it doesn't mean you completely abandon others. Apply the 80/20 rule: dedicate 80% of your effort to your primary channel, and use the remaining 20% to maintain a baseline presence elsewhere. This ensures that you're not missing out on opportunities but are still primarily focused on what's driving results.

How Long Should I Focus on One Traffic Source?

Commit to one traffic source until it becomes a reliable, predictable stream of income. This might mean reaching a profit of $10,000 per month or whatever threshold signifies success for your business. This process might take months or even years, but it's the foundation of sustainable growth. Once you reach this milestone, you can replicate your success on other channels or scale up with the help of our Step 5 resources.

Resources and Next Steps:

While we're developing our own resources, here are some excellent materials from our partners to help you along:

We believe that by focusing on one traffic source, you'll not only become proficient faster, but you'll also enjoy the journey much more. Once you’ve chosen your path, it's all about learning, implementing, and growing.

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