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Five Keys to a Successful Online Course

Key #3: Value and pricing have nothing to do with The length of your course

Lots of people come from the school of thought that if you include more in your course, you can charge more. Or that somehow length is related to price.

This is a big one.

Lots of people come from the school of thought that if you include more in your course, you can charge more. Or that somehow length is related to price. It is a very common sense way to think, right?

As a result, lots of people throw everything in but the kitchen sink. This is a creation mistake, and a big one. It creates overwhelm and confusion.

So how much do you need to include in your course? How many videos should you have? How long should each video be? Let’s pause here for a second and talk about the rule of online courses.

Your job is to get people to the result as fast and as safe as possible, period. That is your job.

Your job is to get them results. When people buy your amazing online course, they’re buying the shortcut. They’re not buying the long cut, they’re buying a shortcut. That is what they want and it has nothing to do with length.

Let me explain two different things here. First of all, the length of videos. People stop me in the street and say, “DSG, how long should my videos be in my online course?” And my response is “Listen, the length of your videos does not matter, as long as you’re following the mantra of being the short cut while getting people to the result as safe as possible.”

That being said, here is something to keep in min: the amount of modules (or chapters) in your online course 100% DOES matter and there is a magic number  you want to either be equal to or less than.

So the magic number is 12 (or less). So you could do 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 whatever. No offense to odd numbers, you could totally do odd numbers, 5, 7, 9, 11 absolutely.  Here is why, and this is very, very, important. I want to make sure you remember this, okay?

Once you get over 12 modules, it will kill your online course in two different ways.

Number one, potential buyers will look at it and say, “Holy sweet potatoes, I am never going to get through 26 modules, so I’m not going to buy it.”

When they see over 12, they start thinking mentally, “Oh, my gosh, I don’t even care if the videos are five minutes or less, it doesn’t matter.

People see that number and they’ll say, “Nope, nope, way too complicated. I want to move on.” And we have seen this – by the way, we have tested. We’ve seen this through myself and the 4,000 plus students in my program, so we know the magic numbers here. Twelve or less.

Now, what is the second way that it kills you? People that do enroll in your course very rarely finish and get results, and that is want it is all about. You want people to finish. You want them to get results. So when you have too many modules, people will do four modules and then they’ll say, “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, there are still 37 modules left, I don’t think so,” and they won’t finish. It will ultimately hurt you from both ends. So you want to stay with 12 or less.

And before you ask, let’s say you have 13 videos. You can absolutely put multiple videos in a module. Don’t let that confuse you, stay with 12 modules or less but can absolutely have multiple videos in one module .

QuickTip: What else can you include in your course? You want to include is what I call shortcut factors. Shortcut factors are things like cheat sheets, maps, or a fast start guide. Anything that helps speed up the process and get students to the goal quickly is great. Think less, not more. And this is a classic don’t over-think it moment, okay? Cool.