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Five Keys to a Successful Online Course

Key #1: If you’re going to obsess over anything, obsess over the results of your course.

As an entrepreneur, we obsess on things. When you want to create a successful online course, you want to avoid obsessing on time wasters …

As an entrepreneur, we obsess on things. When you want to create a successful online course, you want to avoid obsessing on time wasters like, “What technology should I use? Should I use this or that one?” I can’t tell you how many people do this and it holds them back.

People hold back and they say, “Oh, you know, I don’t know. I was going to do my online course but I spend the last seven months debating which email autoresponder I should use, so I’ve done nothing.

Here is the thing – notice I’m not saying don’t obsess, because I know we’re going to obsess on something, right? I certainly obsess. So you want to obsess on something worth obsessing over and that is the result of your online course. You want to focus on the result.

What am I talking about when I say results?

What is the result of someone taking your course and doing everything you say? Picture your ideal customer, your ideal student. They come walking in the door. They give you an apple for being the teacher and they sit down and they say, “I will do every single thing that you say.” What is the result of them doing that?

Now, why is that important? The most successful courses have a result or transformation that happens as a result of taking the course. Meaning, you’re helping people get from point A to point Z. That is what a course does. It helps you do something and get a very specific results.

So let me give you some very concrete results.

Let’s start with Sylvie. Sylvie’s course is “How to Create Passive Income with Ebooks.” The result of her course is that you will publish your first ebook.

Tamiko’s course is the “Busy Moms Guide to Baby Sleep Training.” The result is that your baby will sleep through the night.

One of my favorites is Jill. Jill is a aesthetician. She teaches other aestheticians how to create this really specific eyelash technique called the “Russian Volume Eyelash Technique.” Fun fact about Jill, she has done over six figures in sales with her online course, specifically about “Russian Volume Eyelash Technique.” So that, you know, that quote, “there is riches and niches,” is very, very true. The result of her course is that you’ll be able to perform the advanced technique to create “Russian Volume Eyelashes.”

And then there is Lisa. Lisa works with interior designers to help them pass an exam called the NCIDQ Exam. So the result of her online course is that you will pass the NCIDQ exams.

See how these work? These are very tangible things and that is what makes a successful online course.

Quick Tip: Often times your course topic is right under your nose. That’s what happened for me with “Create Awesome Interviews.” I was just thinking to myself, what are questions that people ask me all the time? What have you done that you can teach someone step-by-step how to do?

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