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Your Random Business Questions Answered

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interviews & Guests

A little bit different today.

A little switch up today. Since there have been a lot of emails, Facebook posts and Tweets with random business questions…I figured I would shoot it a little differently today.

Here are a few of the questions addressed and thanks to everyone for submitting:

Scott Bradley via Facebook: In your opinion, what is the best way to use social media to generate a positive ROI for a company such as a manufacturer who sells a a product direct to consumers?

David James III via Facebook: How do you get a new blog started meaning how do you get it noticed by enough people?

Giangbiscan via Twitter: David, how do you determine pricing for your product/service?

JonDiPietro via Twitter: How about tips on interviewing?

LIFEcoachKD via Twitter: What do you think of an advisory board is you are a solopreneur?

NotAProBlog via Twitter: How do you deal with misinformation being spread about product other than to monitor everywhere and reply/clarify?

Plus asked by a few different folks: How do I get a reporter/journalist/blogger to reply to my pitch?

How would you answer the above questions? I’m sure we can ALL benefit from your thoughts.

Things mentioned you will want to check out:

Matt Brown and The Mindset Email (disclosure Matt and I do business together)

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Interview with Peter Shankman

How to get quoted in the media without an expensive PR firm

Babbaco: Next week Jessica Kim will be on the show.

Personal Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel will be talking personal branding next week on RISE.

The Franchise King Joel Libava will also be joining me next week.

More information on “Rework” and interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

This episode of RISE is sponsored by:

Johnny Londoff Chevrolet: Johnny is our biggest supported because he wants to connect with entrepreneurs like you and take away all the stigma BS of buying a car. You can get supplier pricing just by mentioning you heard about Johnny from RISE and you can check out Johnny and I talking shop, business and customer service as well.

Beracha Concepts: Brad is the owner and founder of two fantastic St. Louis restaurants: Araka and Miso Lounge. We hold our events there including St. Louis RISE lunch and their food and service is awesome. Plus you can check them out on Twitter to find out about their Twitter sushi roll at Miso. Brad talked about how the Internet has changed his marketing strategy at this past month’s RISE lunch that I think you will enjoy.

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