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Why Social Media Marketing Comes Last: Interview With Shama Kabani

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There are a lot (and probably fewer by the day) “social media and online marketing” experts out there.

Some are amazing.

Some are, well, to be nice…not so amazing.

Shama Kabani is one of the amazing ones (President of The Marketing Zen Group and author of The Zen Of Social Media Marketing [Amazon Link]) and she joined me to discuss MANY important issues most likely affecting your business. And we aren’t talking theory, we are talking down and dirty practice (why else would Shama have been selected to Business Week’s Top 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs?)

In this interview, Shama and I discuss:

-Negative Reviews: What to do and and what not to do.

-Why Social Media Marketing Comes LAST.

-Plus much more from her new book “The Zen Of Social Media Marketing” which is much more than a book (she has an online resource that comes with it) and is full actionable things to help your business.

Connect With Shama:

On Twitter

Through The Marketing Zen Group

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