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From Teacher & Park Ranger To Course Creating Rockstar: How Nikki Elledge Brown went from $0-$300,000 in Revenue In One Year

How does a former teacher and park ranger create an online course that does over $300,000 in revenue in 1 year?

OK, so wow.

Just to catch you up, I did a (text) interview with Nikki in 2014 after she launched her epic Course About Copy and did over 50k in sales.

If you haven’t checked it out yet…make sure to give it a quick read right here.

I realized, it would be a PERFECT time to catch up with Nikki and have her spill all the beans on her business (because being nosey is fun).

In this interview you will learn:

-The way Nikki found her first “peeps” online and grew her email list

-How Nikki was able to build her email list and launch her first course…despite not even having a website (!!)

-How she found the perfect topic & market (something she knew well and would also sell)

-The key mistake she made with her course on the first launch (she won’t do it again 😉

A “last call” strategy that brought in a huge revenue bump at the end of the year

-How she spent her time after her first launch (50k in sales) to get to 300k in sales

+ much more

Without further ado…here is a brand new tell-all interview with Nikki. Enjoy!

Links mentioned:

Nikki’s A Course About Copy

Nikki’s (super cool) website

Nikki’s 1st 1,000 subscribers (how she did it)

Nikki’s humble beginnings (1st year in biz)

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