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How Tara Mohr Shifted from a Blogger without a Business to a 6-Figure Mediapreneur

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Alrighty, let’s get at it folks.

When it comes to creating online content, products, etc there seems to be basically two camps of people (we, as mediapreneurs, are the happy third camp).

  • Camp #1: Folks that create content. Maybe a blog, web show, podcast or some combo. They are building a following, but don’t have any money because…they don’t have a business or a business model (gasp!). Often these folks are decent at creating content and even building a following/drawing attention, but haven’t figured out the whole monetization angle.
  • Camp #2: The sketchy douche-a-saurus. Everything is a hard sell. The promise is always something like making money without working or losing weight without doing anything. The only time they email you is to promote a product. These folks, in many ways, give the term(s) “Internet Marketing” and “Internet Marketers” a bad name.

Then…there is our camp. The mediapreneur camp. Which is all about creating awesome content AND having a legit business (whatever it might be…products, services, software, coaching, books, events, etc.) and applying Internet marketing techniques in an ethical and awesome way. Nothing that makes you say EWWW.

Today’s guest, Tara Mohr, flirted with the first camp when she first started online. She started a blog…but with not much of a following or really a way to make money. Then, as we discuss in the interview today, something changed and she shifted.

And then she began to CRUSH it in the space of women’s leadership. And I do mean, crush. She has been featured on The Today Show, her 10 Rules For Brilliant Women went uber viral, AND (on the biz side) she is the founder of the global PLAYING BIG leadership program for women, a six-month virtual women’s leadership and professional development program that blends psychology/personal growth.

Find out all the deets in today’s interview. πŸ™‚


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Tara MohrTara’s site – Tara followed up with the 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook to provide active ways for women to apply the 10 Rules to their daily lives and start living their brilliance more fully; the FREE, downloadable workbook includes the 10 Rules as well as reflective questions and assignments to consider for each of the 10 Rules.

Playing Big – For women who want to go further in the work of owning and sharing their brilliance, Tara created the Playing Big leadership training program, a six-month virtual program that blends personal growth/psychology with practical skills training to help women worldwide play bigger in their work and lives. Women in the social sector, business and the arts participate from Dublin to Dubai and from across the US. Click here for more information on the next session of Playing Big (begins in April).

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  1. Monica Lee says:

    Totally enjoyed this! Love Tara! Love the survey with the last choice…I am playing small and am frustrated Brilliant!

    1. David Siteman Garland says:

      Glad you enjoyed Monica! Keep it rocking girl.

    2. Thanks Monica! So glad this resonated with you.

  2. Love the part about blogging outside of her site and making her content sharable in order to drive traffic. Believe it or not…I’ve made peace with growing slowly. I realized that this is going to take a lot longer and a lot more effort that I initially thought, but I’m “all in” and will be around, so that’s fine.

    I also agree that our brands are important. So glad you encouraged me to go big on the branding. Spend the money because it’s worth it. Otherwise…I’d look like a chump preaching that branding is important, but cheap out and use a template for my own stuff.

    1. Your branding is awesome, Dee!

      1. Thank you Galina! I used David’s designer, David has some awesome resources.

    2. Thanks Dee, so glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Tara, you really inspired me to choose a niche that was important to me instead of just picking one. I want to help women introverts find their voice online and felt so energized once I decided to focus on that target market.

        I really loved this interview. You’re amazing.

  3. Guest blogging is a scaresaur for me, don’t know what to start with.
    It’s encouraging to know that Tara didn’t have a clear idea about her message and target audience for a long time. We all operate differently and need different tactics based on our personalities. Love it.

    1. Some good sites, depending on what your focus is – Tiny Buddha, The Change Blog, Huffington Post (they have a submissions form on their website)…hope that helps!

      1. Thank you, Tara! I think I’m finally ready to start working on it πŸ™‚

  4. Mikky says:

    Great interview David, your interviewing skills keep getting better and better.
    Tara, thanks for going into such detail.

  5. Great, candid interview, David and Tara! I just visited Tara’s site and her Playing Big page. It’s obvious that she’s taken the marketing fundamentals and made them her own in an authentic / high integrity way. Very interesting and impressive.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!