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What It Takes To Build An Entrepreneurial Empire With Ali Brown

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Are you looking to build an empire around your personal brand? Think it can’t be done unless you are Oprah (or something)? Need some inspiration and ideas from someone who has done it with a smile on her face?

Look no further than today’s guest Ali Brown.

Ali has built an empire around inspiring female entrepreneurs. Her company, Ali International, was on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies. Her empire includes Ali Magazine, all kinds of creative content, events, a clothing line (Ali Boutique), The Millionaire Protege Club and much more. One word: Impressive.

But, how did she do it? Where did it all start? How did she grow? Is she some kind of super human or can you do something similar on your terms? And more importantly, what are the takeaways for all of us entrepreneurs and our businesses?

In this interview, you will learn:

-How Ali’s empire began and grew.

-Did she start with a big vision or run & gun?

-How she marketed herself.

-How to get past the fear of asking for the sale.

-Ali’s business model and how she brings in the big bucks.

-The importance of being “on brand.”

-Why she thinks I’m Mario Lopez (just kidding…but seriously).

-How to develop a new product.

-How Ali scales herself and delegates (and the challenges of personality-driven empire)

+ more.

Your thoughts? What are some takeaways you can use for your business? Do I look like Mario Lopez? (JK)

Connect With Ali:

On Twitter (tell her how much you liked the interview *wink*)

On her website

Check out her event for female entrepreneurs this November: Shine in Las Vegas

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