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Suck At Sales? Here Is How To Close The Deal

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This is a special presentation from Patti Harty from Stark & Associates from a recent RISE Lunch.

Entrepreneurs like us are all across the board when it comes to sales. Some love it and thrive on it. Some dread it like going to the dentist. But, I don’t think anyone would argue that sales are freakin’ important…both online and offline.

Let’s pretend you have a lead delivered on a silver platter. Perhaps it came through your website. Or someone read your blog and contacted you. Or someone watched/listened to your podcast or show and reached out via Facebook. Maybe you met someone on Twitter who would be a perfect client or customer. Or maybe you met them at a networking event, school function, baseball game, whatever. Or perhaps you outsource your lead generation to a company like Gateway Business Development (disclosure: RISE Partner). Or you tried your hand at a little direct mail (We recommend APC Direct for this who is also a RISE Partner).

But, what good is leads if you can’t close the deal?

In this presentation, Patti goes over the art and science of deal closing including how to get around price objections, prospects that lie to you and proposals that never get responded to (yuck).


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Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses

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