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6 Common Social Media Mistakes Made By Businesses (and how to avoid them)

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Social Media Mistakes:

When building your business smarter, faster, cheaper (or dumber, slower, more expensive) mistakes happen.
And that is more than fine.

Without mistakes, we entrepreneurs wouldn’t learn anything.

In this episode, we are discussing common mistakes made on social media sites by businesses and entrepreneurs.
Social media is no longer a buzzword and really isn’t an option for many businesses anymore. It is vital.

That being said, I get many frustrated emails from businesses and entrepreneurs not gaining traction or making real connections on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin (as well as many other smaller sites).
Here are my six:

1. Not Engaging (and I’m not talking about using this word as a fluffy-bunny filler buzzword). This means simply not talking to people and engaging in two-way dialogue.

2. Lack Of Personality. Corporate-speak doesn’t fly. Be a human. Don’t just talk shop.

3. No Patience. This is not an overnight success situation. It takes work. It takes time.

4. Forget To Cross Promote. Where else are you telling people about your social media accounts? Email signature? Signage at your store? On your website? Newsletter?

5. Shouting With A Bullhorn. Sell, sell, sell doesn’t work. People will burn out in a hurry. Promote others. Ask and answer questions. Introduce someone.

6. Fear Of Experimenting. Something doesn’t work? Try something else. Something does work? Try it again.

What are yours? I’m sure we would all value your thoughts in the common section.

Here are a few shared by viewers on Twitter and Facebook:

On Facebook:

Greg Jasnikowski: They try to sell their stuff too hard.
Chris Sicam: They send you a long message you don’t read in your inbox.
Kim Selby: Overthinking and overanalyzing tweets.
Angie Jones: Relying on it too much and not getting in front of people.
Kimberly Schneider: Always selling, never connecting

On Twitter:

@bizimpressions Selling their services before building relationships with potential clients. Not interested in needs, but in sales!
@mikestenger Forgetting to talk “with” and instead talking “at”. Engagement is crucial to an effective presence
@VinnySlavin I think businesses should be part of the social media community and not just a bulletin board.
@RizzoTees Bullhorn syndrome – all biz, no helping others, and (this is the key problem) NO interaction. That one is a killer IMHO
@judithcane Businesses who give up too early and aren’t consistent with their communication.
@ranwardo Use sm as yet another one way (push) communications vehicle.
@missy5ft2 Not interacting with customers.
@reman_controls Not responding to customers.
@DaveQuinn247 Businesses think that sm is about telling customers about a product/service. Its not, its about listening & engaging.

And one of the rock stars of the social world Peter Shankman: @skydiver not getting exec management buy-in, thereby not doing it to generate revenue, but rather, because it’s cool.

Leave your ideas below!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!