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The Simple Home Page Design Tweak That Will Turn Your Website Into an Opt-In & Selling Machine

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you guys a first ever The Rise To The Top “mini lesson” (a 12-15 minute actionable video where I teach you guys something cool) and the response WAS HUGE.

And by huge I don’t just mean all the comments/emails/etc. that came in, but I mean you guys taking action on what I was teaching and then sharing your results. As a teacher/mentor, this makes me giddy, because, at the end of the day what I care about is YOUR RESULTS and helping you get them, whether it is through free mini-lessons, webinars, workshops, my products/programs, etc. Whatever it takes.

So, I’ve got another one for you today. VERY important topic and something that is working now (because if it worked 6 years ago and doesn’t work now…who cares, right? All about staying current).

Check out today’s RISE mini lesson below: The Simple Home Page Design Tweak That Will Turn Your Website Into an Opt-In & Selling Machine

(And as always let me know your thoughts in the comments!)


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  1. Darlene Cary says:

    Jedidiah – I’m with you. Love Leadpages, wish they had more content-based templates.

    Thanks David, for an awesome, focused, video!
    Darlene Cary of Her Next

  2. Nyk Danu says:

    Thank you this is awesome! I have never understood why people have chosen the blog as a “home” or landing page. It’s always felt to me like the message isn’t clear that way. I feel your landing page should speak to who you serve and what you do. Not to mention blog pages typically aren’t the prettiest page on the site not really a way to but you best foot forward. I love this idea it still looks clean and uncluttered while hi lighting key services. Just added this to the top my to do list . Thanks again 😉

    1. Well said and sounds great! It is also at the top of mine 🙂

      1. Nyk Danu says:

        Roh-oh public declarations now we can hold each other accountable lol

  3. Kelly Wagner says:

    Great idea David – thanks for these quick & productive biz tips!

  4. It looks like these sites are designed to make it crystal clear — especially to the people who may be ready to buy — exactly what you can do for them and how you do it. Makes sense to me. Thanks for pointing this out, David.

    1. Absolutely and happy birthday!

  5. Digital Sophisticate says:

    I absolutely LOVE all your training and especially appreciate these quick training videos. They are always jam-packed with great info that you put out, out of the goodness of your heart just for the benefit of your tribe. AWESOME! Thank you for another job well done, sir!

    1. Love to hear that MUCH MORE to come!

  6. Jane Gardner says:

    Glad for the advice on page layout. I am creating my website now so good advice is always useful. I would be interested in seeing the metrics on those sites or maybe later, yours after the change in your website. 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

    1. Absolutely, happy to share once I change ours

  7. Megan Julia Pangan says:

    Really love this mini lesson david, gets right to the point, I’m drawing up my notes right now. Do you use camtasia to record yourself along with your powerpoint??

      1. Megan Julia Pangan says:

        thank you!

  8. Love this thanks so much for featuring my site and some excellent insights here. Sharing away!

  9. Andrea says:

    Really helpful, David. I’ve always wondered if having the blog on the homepage was the right move or not. I like the idea of getting visitors in buying mode versus content consumption mode. Thanks for the great examples too!

  10. thanks for clearing that up… most of the EXPERTs out there are way in the past when it comes to website design. so be the opinion leader. LEWIS HOWES or CORBETT BARRs sites are great for example and hopefully mine soon
    such a startsite is just 🙂

    do you know what DEREK HAPLERNs comment is on this? I guess he’d love it as well, maybe not enough optin possibilities 😉

    1. Gotta get that site up my friend 🙂

  11. Guest says:

    Good stuff – You mentioned developers but do you have any WP themes that catch your eye that you can recommend?

  12. msknouse01 says:

    Nice one, David. I love the mini-lessons. This one is spot on and has so much value packed into 15 minutes. I’m planning these changes for the next version of my site tweaks.

  13. Jim Krenz says:

    This type of tweak is easy to do in WordPress. First, add a new page (not post) and design it as per David’s suggestions. Then, on your dashboard, go to Settings > Reading and choose A Static Page. The Front page dropdown menu allows you to select the page that you just designed as your site’s new home.

    1. Roxann Souci says:

      Thanks for the instructions! Terrific!

  14. Thanks David for this…it was perfect timing, as I was just about to change my site to this sort of design.

    Do you know any of the WP Themes of the sites you featured? I’ve been looking for awhile and can’t find any like these. Would greatly appreciate it, if they are willing to share their themes! 🙂

  15. Ozeal says:

    What’s up David! Great Mini-lesson, my man! I’m in the process of tweaking my new site and this is definitely helpful! All about keeping it clean and making it easy for visitors to know what you have to offer. Great stuff. By the way, these mini-lessons is where its at brotha. Keep it up!

  16. Debi says:

    Thank you for great insights! It’s very timely for me as I’m redesigning my site. I don’t like the blog home page either and planned to go with this new layout style. Nice to know I’m on the right track and have your awesome tips to work from.

  17. Christopher Stafford says:

    Wow D, JUST thinking of changing my home page this week, you are telepathic! Thanks a million Mr. D!

  18. The Marketing Canteen says:

    Great news for me as I don’t have a very active blog to showcase on my homepage… thanks David!

  19. Do you recommend this strategy even if you are a fairly new mediapreneur?

  20. Jason Gracia says:


    Thanks so much for the mention and for the great content! This is definitely a shift in the market, as the majority of sites are still clinging to the old blog model, so it’s great to see you pushing your audience to step away from the status quo and evolve.

    I also really love the format of your mini-lessons. From the number and depth of the comments you’re getting, I think it’s working!


  21. Love it! I’m just not sure if my site is more Homepage 2.0 or Portal 1.0. I hope it’s the latter. Either way, lot’s of good stuff to take ways from this post.

  22. Anthea Palmer says:

    Very helpful video. Love the simplicity of your recommendation. Will start working on it today. Thanks

  23. Ryan Arnold says:

    David. Great stuff. I’ve wondered Ryan’s why behind changing his home page since he did it awhile back,

    Just got first draft of my new site design back…Natalie may hate us both after I send her this video lol. But this makes all the sense in the world.

  24. Lea Pica says:

    This is such great stuff! I’m looking to do a combination audio / video podcast series just like this post, where I’ll makeover presentation slides and charts once a month as a video, but then have the audio version still available in iTunes as a podcast episode. What’s the best workflow for hosting a video and audio version exactly as you’ve done with this particular post? Thanks!

  25. Scott Kelley says:

    From the comments, it looks like this podcast came out a while back but it just showed up in my Downcast for some reason so I listened to it this morning.

    I’ve been considering making this change for a while now on my next site and this convinced me to do it.

    If you get a sec, check out and let me know what you think.

    The site’s not really built yet so it still needs some tweaks but I did pull the opt-in form from the top and put in a bit of a bio there instead.

    The great thing about this way is people know within 5 seconds what the site is about and what they should do next.

    Thanks for the info!

  26. Great post/video. Just wondering if this is still “current” and working as all the sites mentioned as examples have now changed their homepage. Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!