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Behind-The-$500,000 Launch: Sean Malarkey Reveals the Secrets, the Technology and Everything Else You Want to Know

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Today on The Rise To The Top: The #1 Non-Boring Business Show: So, last week Lewis Howes revealed how he and his business partner Sean Malarkey created his latest product and launched it to $400,000 in sales in one month (actually, as today’s guest quickly notes, it is now over $500,000). Wow. Immediately, I became curious (and so did many of you) about the technology and behind-the-scenes that goes into an amazing launch. Enter, Sean “the backend” (insert joke here) Malarkey, who reveals today the exact technology behind the launch, easy-to-use tools, what they tested and learned, and much more. Trust me, it is ridiculously full of awesome.

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