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How An Academic Neuroscientist Ended Up Creating & Teaching A Hugely Successful Online Course

with Sarah McKay

by David Garland in Interviews & Guests

When Sarah posted this comment in our private Create Awesome Online Courses Facebook group I knew we had to coordinate schedules (we are only about 8 time zones apart or so!) to find out the entire story.


How does neuroscientist create a successful online course?

I love topics like these (outside the ordinary) as it shows when you have passion, expertise and a will to create a freedom-based business (and do it the right way) the possibilities are limitless.

Oh and Sarah is a little rebel too 😉

In this uncensored, uncut interview we cover it all…from why Sarah decided to create an online course to how she came up with her idea (in a unique market) to creating her course and ultimately how she continues to bring in new students and happy customers.



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