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Experimenting With Digital Publishing With Ishita Gupta

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Have you thought about jumping into the digital publishing game? Going beyond blogging and perhaps creating an online magazine, web show or podcast?

How would you go about it? What is your big idea? How would it make money (or does it make money)? What are some best practices and pitfalls?

I’m sure you agree on this one: Learning from folks that have done it and are doing is ridiculously valuable. Today’s guest is living the digital publishing world as we speak.

Ishita Gupta is the co-founder of fear.less. An online magazine featuring stories of overcoming fear. It is unique, beautifully designed and spreading like wildfire throughout the web.

In this interview, Ishita shares her experience with all of us. My hope? Simple. To spark you with delicious ideas for your business.

In this episode:

-Where the idea for fear.less came from

-The importance of design

-The different business models for digital publishing

-How lean can you go? How fear.less has their business set up and where the key costs are.

-The revenue model: What are advertisers looking for?

-How do you promote your publication?

-Advice for content creators

Crystal ball question: What are your predictions on the future of digital publishing? More online magazines? Shows? Blogs? Your thoughts?

Connect With Ishita:

Via the fear.less website

On Twitter

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