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Awesome Entrepreneur Web Resource – Shoeboxed

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In This Episode Full Of Innovative Marketing Tips and Resources For Entrepreneurs:

As you know, on the show we try to review products and services that make your business life easier and less stressful. Today, a review of Shoeboxed, a great entrepreneurial company that helps entrepreneurs (that is a mouthful). Shoeboxed solves the problem of what the HECK to do with all of those business cards and receipts you rack up from networking events, schmoozing and of course buying things.

How does Shoeboxed solve it? Simple. They send you a pretty blue prepaid envelope. You shove your business cards and receipts in them. They take each one and digitize it so you have access online to all of your contacts and receipts. SWEET.

Thank you to Chris Brogan who let me know about Shoeboxed when he was in town for his interview this past year. They are a great company with a great team behind it including Taylor and Joel. You will be hearing a lot from them in the future.

Deal For You From Shoeboxed and The Rise To The Top:

So, when I see a unique product that I feel will help you, I reach out to the company and see what we can work out for RISE viewers like yourself. Here is what I was able to swing:

1. You can try Shoeboxed 100% free

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Local Presenting Sponsor:

Johnny Londoff Chevrolet

Our great local sponsor is Johnny Londoff Chevrolet. You are going to be hearing a LOT from these guys this year. Plus they are a great example of a company just getting ready to dive into the social space and really become social and interactive. I have a feeling they are going to be a great case study for many traditional businesses hopping into innovative and social marketing.

Join In On The Discussion:

What other web resources save you time and money?


Google Nexus One phone giveaway! Plus, answering the viewer question of the quickest ways to lose a customer online and off.

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