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Is Your Life In Perpetual Beta? An Interview With Melissa Pierce

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(Video length: 29:09)

When interviewing, I always have a loose agenda. Keyword: Loose. Because, you never know where the conversation is going to lead especially with interesting innovators like Melissa Pierce.

Melissa dove head first into an interesting project which has now developed into a documentary: Life In Perpetual Beta

It focuses on interviews with interesting folks and the impact of technology on society. The concept is brilliant and there a lot of takeaways for all of us entrepreneurs not only in the film itself, but how Melissa does business.

For example, Melissa discusses:

-How she landed interviews with major thought leaders.

-An inside look at her business and business model (which is really interesting).

-How technology has brought us together.

-Her business philosophies of always revamping, rethinking, and perhaps not planning at all.

I’m sure you will find some juicy nuggets of inspiration.

More About Melissa:

Life In Perpetual Beta

Anywhere Admin (coming soon)

Find Her On Twitter

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