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Becoming Influential: The Rise Of “PR Sarah Evans”

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The word “online influencer” or “Internet celebrity” is thrown around a lot. Few fit the billing and are also cool enough to share with others how they got there.  Sarah Evans (aka PRSarahEvans) is an influencer, PR master, recent entrepreneur (Sevans Strategy) and someone that is always looking for new ways to connect people.

Plus, since she is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I’m very bias.

In this interview I pick Sarah’s brain for all of us on:

-Publicity and how it is changing.

-Do you need a publicist or PR person?

-How Sarah became an online influencer with a passionate community (GREAT tips on this that you can implement right away).

-Her thoughts on social media, running her own business and passion.

You can connect with Sarah (of course) on Twitter and check out Sevans Strategy.

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Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses

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