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How Entrepreneurs Can Save A Buttload Of Money Shipping: A Convo With Shipwire’s CEO Damon Schechter

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I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Especially ones that offer amazing, useful and easy-to-use things. Shipwire falls into that butt-kicking category as an unbelievably cool entrepreneur resource.

Bottom line is selling a physical product for an entrepreneur or small business owner can be tough on the logistics side. Warehouses are expensive. Dealing with shipping is annoying. And this takes away from the things you like to work on in your business (unless you absolutely LOVE shipping…in that case rock on).

Shipwire solves this problem. In this interview I sit down with a great guy, Damon Schechter CEO of Shipwire, to chat about the company, how they are helping entrepreneurs like you and tips on selling and shipping physical products. Enjoy!

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