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From Social Media To SEO: 4 Entrepreneur-Friendly Talks On Maximizing The Web

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Little change up today (and who doesn’t like a change up now and then?) These are four talks from this past month’s RISE Lunch in St. Louis, Missouri which brings together entrepreneurs, forward-thinkers, marketers and innovators for some schmoozing, great food from Araka Restaurant and short, powerful, actionable presentations. Here are the presentations in their entirety (I will get some slides for you as well up soon). The next RISE Lunch is May 5th and is going to be a heck of a good one focusing on Sales 2.0: Online, Offline, Everywhere. From lead generation to closing the deal. Tickets for these events fly (limited to 50) and last time it sold out with just one email…tickets will go on sale later today. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE (Nab ’em before they are gone!)

Note: This are a little low-rez. I’ll have high-rez up soon.

In order of appearance:

#1: Picking The Experts Brain: Search Engine Optimization. Three buzzwords heating up this year in the business world. But what can SEO do for your business? JoAnna Dettman and Kaysha Kalkofen co-founders of tSunela (a top search engine firm in St. Louis and disclosure: Sponsor of RISE) join David to discuss the current state of SEO as well some basics for business owners…without getting too techy:

Bonus: As mentioned in the video, if you want a free website audit (sweet) from tSunela, they have generously offered it to the RISE community. You can take ’em up on it here.

#2: Building Communities and Spending Time on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs – Why Bother? Chris Reimer, founder of Rizzo Tees and writer at The Basement Entrepreneur, knows a bit about building a brand via social media…because he has done it himself (Check him out on Twitter). Chris’ story is a case study on what social media can do for your business.

#3: Cracking the Geek Code: How to use the newest online tools to harness your inner geek with Brad Hogenmiller. It doesn’t matter if you are tech-savvy or a little tech-confused, Brad will lay out what you need to know in an easy-to-understand fashion. Besides being an online marketing strategist, speaker, networker and Dad, Brad is the Director of Social Media Club St. Louis and consultant at RehabCare Group. You can find him on Twitter.

#4: Top Social Media Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them): Why are some companies and individuals succeeding at social media marketing while others are stuck in neutral and not gaining traction? This is my chat on the biggest mistakes and more importantly how you can avoid them.

Jump in on the conversation. How are you maximizing the web? Which talks did you like?

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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