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Maximizing Twitter Lists

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interviews & Guests

In This Episode Full Of Innovative Marketing Tips and Resources For Entrepreneurs:

Twitter Lists. You may or may not have heard of them, but did you know they can be a HUGE tool for entrepreneurs and marketers. In this episode we are diving (head first with a speedo on) into the world of Twitter Lists including what you might know and what you might not.

Links Mentioned:

Erin Eschen’s Blog

RizzoTees On Twitter

Robert Scoble’s Twitter


Johnny Londoff Chevrolet

Yes, he is known for great cars in St. Louis, but Johnny is stepping into the web world as well. Not only is he a HUGELY successful businessman, but he will be bring advice throughout this year on RISE.

Johnny is a big supporter of entrepreneurs, start ups, business folks and of course cars. If you are in St. Louis, make sure to stop in and say hi (and buy lots of cars).

Join In On The Discussion AND Win Free Stuff:

What are your thoughts on Twitter Lists? Do you use ’em? Have any good lists to follow to share with everyone?

Next week I’ll be hosting a BIG drawing to win a FREE Google Nexus One phone ($500+ value). And you won’t need to give up your first born to enter the drawing. It will be as simple as One, Two, Tweet.

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