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Customer Service Is Word Of Mouth Marketing With Johnny Londoff

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Word Of Mouth Marketing

To say word of mouth marketing is powerful would be an understatement.

Especially in the era of the social web.

Good news travels fast. Bad news travels faster (yikes).

One of the best ways to spark referrals, buzz and generate excitement around your business is to offer what Johnny Londoff calls a “Wow customer experience” at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet. Londoff, even after the big car crash (pun intended?) has consistently been one of the top Chevrolet dealerships in the country.

And the reason for that? Pure and simple: Customer service and innovation.

Johnny understands the world is changing and I think that is powerful lesson for every business owner and entrepreneur.

But that being said, word of mouth marketing is nothing new. The amplification of word of mouth is huge (thank you social media for your blazing speed).

(On that note, a random shout out. A friend of RISE Terrie Rowles just opened a new firm by the same name: “Wow Customer Experience Group” which is a consulting/training agency to help businesses with creating a wow experience. Terrie was a veteran with HP and has now branched out on her own.)

Because happy customers talk. They come back. They do the marketing work for you. They tell their friends.

The Internet And Social Media Has Changed Word Of Mouth Marketing

Now one person can tell more people than ever before. And faster. Instantaneous.

Johnny is just getting started on Facebook and Twitter and already forming great relationships from both (in fact, they sold two cars last week to folks who came in and mentioned they heard about him from Facebook).

Also In The Interview

It isn’t all customer service. We talk about the challenges of being in the family business, answering your own phone and local businesses have suddenly become global.

I hope that this interview with Johnny Londoff sparks you.

Whether to take care of your customers a bit better.

Or realize your brand is now worldwide whether you like it or not.

And that the world of marketing has changed forever.

Your Thoughts?

Do you have examples of great customer service that led to word of mouth marketing? Other thoughts? Of course we all want to hear ’em.

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