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Applying The New Rules Of Marketing & PR With David Meerman Scott

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(Note: sorry for the odd audio in the intro. Waiting for my new mic to come in. Don’t be scared.)

The New Rules Of Marketing & PR

This isn’t a catch phrase, it is a revolution.

The marketing game has changed forever and there is no better person to talk about it and what is means for your business than David Meerman Scott.

His book aptly titled “The New Rules Of Marketing & PR” (Amazon Link and one of our must read books for entrepreneurs) has created a revolution on how you view promoting your business and he has a few tips, tricks and big ideas for you in this interview including answers to:

-Is the press release dead?

-Generating buzz for your business.

-Why speed matters.

-How do you measure ROI of pretty much…anything (and how the meaning of “ROI” is often misconstrued)

-Why video is a great idea for your business.

…and much more.

Connect With David Meerman Scott

His blog Web Ink Now is fantastic.

You can also hunt him down on Twitter.

What has been working for your business in 2010?

What has been the key marketing strategy that has worked for you this year so for? What hasn’t worked?

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