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DEBATE: Is LinkedIn Sexy Enough To Spend Time With?

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Is LinkedIn Sexy Enough To Spend Time With?

Is Linkedin worth spending time on for entrepreneurs, small business owners and content producers (bloggers, etc.)?

That was the question I posed to my good friend and LinkedIn evangelist Lewis Howes.

A little back story.

I personally don’t spend much time on LinkedIn. I log in. I check on requests. I update my status via Ping. That is about it. It isn’t sexy enough for me.

I’m using myself as an example here, but realized after talking to tons of folks that many people are in the same boat. And on the other end of the spectrum, many people absolutely swear by it.

It All Started With Chris Brogan:

The debate “heated up” (we are all friends here) last week when Chris Brogan made a great post about how he was thinking of deleting his LinkedIn account because he already had too many touch points for people to get in contact with him and most of the activity coming at him on LinkedIn was requests for people needing help (introducing to contacts, etc.).

Lewis had a great follow-up to Chris and did a fantastic video showing him the benefits of LinkedIn.

Well played, but I wanted to dive deeper. Why? Because we aren’t all Chris Brogan (in fact, probably none of us unless you are Chris Brogan. In that case, hi Chris).

Other folks have chimed in too including RISE viewer Ryan Taft on his Catalyst Marketing Blog about the positives and negatives of LinkedIn. He has a great story on the positive side.

For me, I just prefer Twitter and Facebook. In the video you will find out why. But I love the speed and simplicity of Twitte and the rich professional/personal interface of Facebook.

Lewis of course is on the LinkedIn side and has a huge following there.

My conclusion? That whatever works and where you feel comfortable is where you should spend the most time when social networking. The tools are going to change over time, but the principles of social networking and the social web are here to stay. As long as your goal is forming better relationships, you will win.

Your Thoughts & The Big Question:

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you swear by LinkedIn? What are your favorite sites and the big question:

If you were to delete one of the three major accounts what would it be and why?

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