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Lessons Learned From Hustling My Way To The Front Page Of CNN

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Note: No, you are not crazy and your computer isn’t broken. The sound for some reason didn’t work in the intro in today’s episode. It will be fixed this afternoon. Hugs and kisses! Fixed!

Lessons On Building Your Business From Today’s Episode:

This past week I was fortunate (lucky, crazy) enough to make it to the front page of talking about the Apple iPad (photos below) and here is a link to the article.

I got a flood from folks asking who I paid off (just kidding) and how I was able to pull it off.

Well, here is the story and it is quite a wacky one.

The purpose of this episode is really to shed light on that fact that with some good content, promotion and sticking yourself out there as a multi-media source (and not just a blogger or entrepreneur or business person) good things can happen.

Also, credit where credit is due on this one. Thank you to Nathanial Broughton and Steve Garfield for the idea of posting videos to CNN’s iReport.

And if you haven’t checked out Steve’s book “Get Seen” (Amazon Link), I would highly recommend it as a great introduction to online video.

(Front Of Tech Page on

Front of home page (bottom left) of

Here are the steps that occurred for the video to make it from my weird brain onto the front page.

1. I posted a video on CNN’s iReport: You can do this really easily as well and stake your claim as a citizen journalist. No permission required! Here is the first video I posted.

2. The key is relevance: I found a story that interested me and I felt like I comment on the best. On this particular day it was the iPad as opposed to the Toyota recall or Haiti. The takeaway is look for the absolute best fit based on the story. If there isn’t one, the news never stops so try again the next day.

3. You can upload directly: The process of shooting, exporting and uploading took less than 30 minutes.

4. Promotion: Promote your iReport wherever you can. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, on your blog, etc. You have to let people know.

5: Luck & Speed: When driving back from my haircut, I received an unexpected and very nice call from a great producer at CNN. She asked if I could shoot another video after the iPad announcement (which was occurring about 5 minutes after the phone call). Of course I said “yes” and the rest is history. I shot the video. I uploaded it (rinse, wash, repeat) and it made it onto the front page. While of course every video isn’t going to make it onto the front page of, the takeaway here is I can guarantee it won’t make it if you don’t try.

Being able to act quickly and create good content in 2010 is a huge asset for every entrepreneur and business owner regardless of company size, age or experience.

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Will you be tapping into online video in 2010? Besides, iReport here are 7 more video ideas for entrepreneurs you might want to check out as well.

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!