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3 Easy Free Entrepreneur-Friendly Tools That Save You Massive Time Online

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Building Your Business By Saving Time:

Spend more time doing the things you love in your business and less time on annoying shenanigans.

1. Update All Of Your Social Networks With One Click.

How to save time by updating ALL of your social networks at one time (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn and many other sites): Ping.FM

Simply enter your update and press send. Quick and easy. It will send a tweet, update your status, etc.

2. Shorten Long Links To Make Them Sharable/Tweetable/Prettier

So, lets say you create a blog post and it has a really long URL. For example:’t-pet-fluffy-bunnies/seriously/no-fluff.html.

Yikes! That is not very Twitter friendly (over 140 characters) and it is just long and not great on the eyes.
So what do you do? Try

Free and fun. It will shorten your link and you can track the clicks. Sweet!

3. Upload Video To Multiple Sites With One Click

Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo! Video, Blip.TV, the list of sites to upload your video to is nearly endless. And let me tell you from experience, uploading sucks.

Tube Mogul allows you to upload videos to all of these sites with one click (you have to sign up for each site individually but that is one time relatively short time investment).

Get your videos in front of more eyeballs!

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What other clicks save time online? What are some of your favorites?

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