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Capturing The Youth Market With Youthologist Vanessa Van Petten & The Amazing Josh Shipp

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Building Your Business: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

…and today we are also building it younger.

The youth market.

Those text-messaging, ADD, little crazy people.

Today we have not one but TWO bonus interviews with entrepreneurs that have this market cornered.

You will learn their secrets of how they built their businesses (and all kinds of other advice as well).

First up, is my good friend, author, blogger and “Youthologist” (cool term!) Vanessa Van Petten who was recently featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vanessa has a tremendous business brain and also really understands Search Engine Optimization.

From SEO to the OC?!

You can also connect with Vanessa by checking out her great parenting website and Twitter.

Josh Shipp is an interesting character. Scratch that a HUGELY successful interesting character who is THE speaker for the youth market. He just gets kids (again in a non creepy way). Check out his style and his thoughts on leverage. How can you adapt part of Josh’s style for your business and marketing?

Josh has zillions of websites, but here is my favorite and a great place to interact with him. He is on Twitter as well.

And just in case you haven’t checked it out, I try to track down the very best and most interesting entrepreneur interviews for you on our Guests & Experts page including everyone from Gary Vaynerchuk to “The Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger.

Do you market to the youth market? What is your experience? Any tips? (We all benefit from your knowledge!)


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