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How PR Companies Are Changing Their Business Model With Special Guest Gini Dietrich

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article with 5 Predictions On The Future Of Marketing, PR And Advertising Agencies. It is no secret that all three industries are evolving, changing, merging, etc. Why? Because marketing, promoting and advertising is changing at the speed of light (captain obvious here). Which brings up today’s topic which is how savvy agencies are changing their models. What is working? What isn’t? What can entrepreneurial agencies, consultants and freelancers do to not be left in the dust?

Enter today’s guest (and awesome human) Gini Dietrich. Gini is the founded of Arment Dietrich (an always-evolving agency) and is a great author of the blog Spin Sucks which is definitely a “must check out” resource. In this episode Gini and discuss how her agency is changing its game and where this is all going.

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