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25 Ways To Repel Customers & Google Nexus One Phone Giveaway

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It is GIVEAWAY time! After literally THOUSANDS of entries, it is time to give away the Google Nexus One Phone to a lucky winner.

****Update: The Winner is Scott Jones aka SJonesSMArch (Hey, Scott thanks for making it difficult to find you, wink, his entry was under a Twitter name which he changed: sjonesIES ***

NOTE: If the winner disappears, we can’t find him her, or he doesn’t want the phone by SUNDAY, then we will draw a new winner Monday. Bottom line is someone will walk away with the phone.

Thank you to Dr. Adam Tanase aka ChiropracticSTL who suggested this show via Twitter. We are ALWAYS listening.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Call them whatever you want: Customers, clients, paying people, whatever. However, many businesses have (and this is being REALLY nice) bad habits. Bad ways of interacting or contacting customers (potential and active). Annoying tendencies. Stuff that wants to make you pull your hair out.

In the social digital age, repelling customers is even worse. If someone has a great experience, they will tell folks. If they have a terrible experience, they will tell even more folks and it will travel faster. One click of the button can send anger to tens, hundreds or thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Yikes! That is scary.

The best advice? Be responsive. Don’t be annoying. Have a human side. Cut through the BS. Seriously, it isn’t that hard or rocket science. And never send an email like this.

We kicked this question out via Facebook and Twitter and got lots of responses based on bad experiences. Here is a collection of them below. Feel free to add yours to the comments. We would love to hear it.

Via Twitter:

Skydiver (David’s note: Hey it’s PETER freakin’ Shankman, Hi Peter): Simple. Don’t Respond.

ITDrummer quickest way to lose a customer is to stop auditioning once they are a customer

BlackRedXtreme Why do customers leave your business? -> I would say 1.If your customer support does not meet their needs 2.Better oppertunity elsewhere!!

DixieDynamite Make them feel like they are “more trouble than they’re worth” (re: losing customers FAST)

missy5ft2 I am going to say not responding to a customer will lose them the fastest.

HatchResearch Calling them incessantly. Remember they are trying to run their business and pay attention to their clients. Not you.

meporter lose a customer fast? never set & discuss expectations between BOTH parties. have right customer, right vendor & vice versa

FlyingLeo to lose a customer real fast: talk about you and what you want, never pay attention to what the customer needs

signchik lying could be not delivering on time, lesser quality, higher price, service. Any misrepresentation.

RodKirby On way to lose a customer is too make a sale and forget about them. It’s called Customer Serv-Us 4 a reason.

FernieZap You mean aside from cursing them out?

roynaim not delivering on what you say..and if given a second chance..and you failed to lose a lot more than one.

RobertPickstone Not listening to them.

phollows Swear at them while on a support call. Happened to me with a service provider.

robfico Make light of their concerns = lose customer fast. What’s minor to you may be monumental to the customer. Never assume…

RussHenneberry Be unresponsive. re: lose a customer fast.

WilliamRYounce Being unresponsive

Tojosan Arguing with the customer is fast way to lose them

Via Facebook:

Russell J White: Asking customers to be flexible but not being flexible in return. Such as, a doctor keeping you waiting for 30 minutes past your appointment; however, if you arrive 30 minutes late you are canceled. Apply this also to acc’ts receivable and payable. Being out of advertised specials. Dealing with unknowledgeable employees after working through a phone tree to reach them. Wow, I could give you tons of examples!

Scott Tjaden: Not making deadlines, returning calls properly, following through when things are promised.

David James III: Nothing worse than unkept promises, unfortunately a lot of crappy customer service and salespeople make promises they can’t keep and just hope for the best.

Bart Ratliff: I hate it when sales people throw up on me.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. Instead of simply building a relationship with me and trying to address my needs with their services.. I’m with DJ the 3rd too though!

Carrie Warner: I looked into different insurance companies a year and a half ago, and I filled out information about myself on their websites to get a quote. Since then, I have gotten an offer in the mail once a week from one of the companies I didn’t go with. Clearly I already made my choice, and I’m so irritated with all the junk mail that I will probably never switch to this company.

Scott Bradley: Using BAD Grammar

Lynn McDowell Harmon: I definitely cast a vote with Scott on the grammar. Fired an interior decorator once because it was just driving me batty. Also left a country club. The newsletter was always late and error-ridden. OVER “relationship-ing” — so much for grammar on that one. Used Travelocity to book a flight to Denver. Not staying in Denver, heading to ski. … See MoreNo fewer than 20 e-mails followed – great deals in Denver, give us feedback on Denver, give us feedback about your online experience… ENOUGH. From now on, they are a research site, booking direct with airlines, car rental, etc. Here’s a recent business to business one. Vendor not following up on their own billing. Random follow up in December about an outstanding fee from May – I was subcontractor to agency handling the vendor billing – they waited six + months to follow up on an unpaid invoice that through our pouring back through files was never received and raising the issue was long after project budget had been cut. Stay on top of your receivables. If something’s past due, give a courtesy reminder. In this case, THEY failed to bill and are covering booty at year-end close and now it’s the client problem. Argh.

Corey Eastman: Here are my top 2:
1) a – Deception. This is something everyone needs to start paying more attention to so that we don… See More’t need Malcom Gladwell’s mavens to come in and dominate. Finding out that an item is selling for its normal retail price when it is supposed to be on sale.
1) b -The fine print on ad’s. This just happened to me. Bought a bunch of work out gear before the holiday that was all 30% off. Came back after the holiday and the sign was still up in the EXACT SAME SPOT saying ‘30% off” went to cash out and the girl told me its “30% off hoodies ONLY” Shadyville, USA.
2) Stores/bars/clubs that start lines to create social proof. Standing in line to pay my own money is not a concept that hits home with me and I’m out.

Alexa Hart: I hate when people share personal info in the wrong context. Anecdote: Got an email from a rep saying she wanted to chat with me about what I thought and if she could get to know more about me. The phone call was more “personal” than anything else, and she started talking about her boyfriend … See Moreand her friends. I was expecting to talk to her about her competitors and give her suggestions about the business, but instead, she asked me personal questions, and I listened to her talk about her personal life, which I found weird since I had never met her before. And, I found it to be a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to show who you are. Just find an appropriate setting to do so.

Terrie Rolwes: Rude or lackadaisical engagement. If the representative is rude the customer also perceives the company doesn’t care. It is less expensive to keep a customer than to gain new ones! A recent customer experience study shows 69% tell their acquaintances about bad experiences and 25% use social media to spread the word. In emerging markets, 40% of consumers said they use blogs and other online media to tell others about their negative experiences.

Cesar G. Abueg Jr: 1. Over promise, under Deliver, 2. Not returning calls in a timely manner, 3. Tearing down their ideas before they can give it. I hate #2.

Matt Karlin: This kills repeat business and word of mouth:
Customer Service reps “personally apologizing for any inconvenience” but being unwilling, unable (due to authorization), or lacking creativity to fix the situation.
Then, saying “please let us know if we can be of further assistance”… See More
Can you tell this just happened?

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Final Note:

Remember if our winner doesn’t claim the prize we will be giving it away on Monday!

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!