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6-Figure Case Study: Racheal Cook Reveals How She Turned a Yogi Passion into a 6-Figure Biz of Awesome

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Get ready to get your case study on. Whoop whoop.

I love it when someone says, “You can’t turn THAT into a business”. You know what I’m saying. How about this one? Today’s guest, Racheal Cook, turned a passion for yogi healer type peeps into a 6-figure business. Now she dominates that niche by helping yogi healers grow their biz (not gonna lie, didn’t really know what a yogi healer was before this interview). Today she reveals the entire story with lots of tips, inspiration, and more. Lets get our yogi on!

You should definitely tune in, because you’ll learn:

  • How Racheal came up with the idea for her business.
  • How she made her first sale and honed her expertise.
  • All the inside info on her first online product (including sales!).
  • …and much more!


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