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Punching Dollars for Hours in the Throat with Sean Vosler

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No, seriously. Don’t worry, I didn’t get punched. That should make you really happy or really sad. Hopefully happy. 🙂

Today we are punching dollars for hours in the throat. Let me explain.

I’ve got a cool convo to share with you with Sean Vosler who *was* a web designer who got sick of trading dollars for hours and took his expertise and turned it into a really cool product. You know my philosophy, but the top mediaprenuers monetize by creating their own products that make money even while they are…

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • monkeying around
  • watching paint dry
  • watching their kids
  • having fun time with the spouse
  • getting a traffic ticket

…you get the point.

Dollars for hours can be a good thing (if it is lots of dollars for a few hours), but isn’t a long-lasting business model because of one key word: FREEDOM.

Watch/Listen to the convo below (and nab some cool downloads).

And here is a challenge for the comments section. What experience or expertise can you package up for your next (or first) product?


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  1. mikky says:

    Great interview. I’ll be punching that affiliate link for sure. However, not sure what to do, I am not ready yet to start building a membership site, it’s something I would like to do, but only in maybe a year. So what do I do about this awesome offer?

    1. sean vosler says:

      hey Mikky! thanks for the kind words – I know how you feel, and to be 100% honest it’s not for -everyone- out there, I wouldn’t want you to pick something up unless you’re going to use it. Having said that, I know in my gut and from experience that it’s one of the most effective methods to building residual income, quite rewarding too – especially when you get to meet your members in real life!

      It can be a tad intimidating, lots of bells and whistles to configure, but I will tell you this – if you put things in motion and take action it’ll set you in the right direction. Wether its with my product or someone elses, if building a membership website is what you want to do then don’t give up!

      I don’t believe I talk about this to much in the interview, but David’s actually convinced me to include the ‘platform’ as well with the training, so you actually get a full membership site as well – then you can focus 100% on developing content 🙂

      We also have a fun FB group for members where I’m always there (I spend way to much time on FB) to help! Hope to see you in it 😉

      Best of luck and again, thanks so much for taking time to listen in!

      1. mikky says:

        Hey Sean,
        Wow, thanks for responding so quickly, you aren’t just fast on the LIKES! I read thru your page describing the product, I think I would use it, I just know I don’t have time in my schedule to work on a membership site right now – between work and the other projects I’m working on and then I have to collecting all the info I would want to put into the site, I imagine that happening in only about a year (hopefully sooner!). I like the offer thought, so seeing as you are the big boss, should I buy now and just save the password since it’s lifetime membership (or am I mistaken) or will the offer still be there and I should wait till when I am actually ready to work on the project? Thanks in advance for your input.

        1. sean vosler says:

          I would never presume to buy you to buy anything, and I wish I could keep it around forever, but we’ll probably have to go back to the normal monthly fee too… economics aren’t quite on my side with the $97 lifetime access considering server fees and what not 😉 So would I recommend picking it up? Certainly! But only if you promise to do it, even if it’s some day 😉 i’ll help ya!

          1. mikky says:


  2. CSoncrant says:

    First off let me just say: Great Interview! Sean I have nothing but love for you and the information you shared, not to mention the fact that you were brave enough to step away from that security of a contractual paycheck to pursue what you really wanted. Need more of that in this world! David, you kick ass for hosting and interviewing these awesome and inspiring people. I have a quick question regarding for Sean regarding his product. When we buy is the “Platform” portion of the product included with the lifetime membership or is that still going to be a monthly $47/month? Just curious because how it is worded it makes it seem (to me at least) that the “platform” part is included. Thanks again for being rockstars you guys, that’s what makes the world go round!

    1. sean vosler says:

      Ah good old being brave, it’s a scary thing! Haha 🙂 thanks for all the kind words 🙂 When we chatted it actually wasn’t going to be part of it but David twisted my arm 😉 haha so yes – for $97 you get lifetime access to the platform and training — like a whole website and everything 0_0 crazy i know… cheers! Hope to see you in the group!

    2. David Siteman Garland says:

      My pleasure my man!

  3. Becca Niederkrom says:

    Really fantastic interview! I have been traveling all week and was dying to get a free moment to watch this today. Somehow the information I need always shows up at the right time. My next move – a more successful continuity program – its just taken me time to sort it out as I work with a large demographic of non-computer users. I had to really think about how to modify my business model, help who I wanted (without internet marketers pushing me =) they all want me to give up on my target audience). I knew I could do it . . as Donny Deutsch would say, there’s got to be a better way. Where can I find your product in action? Would love to see some case studies then start piecing together the new direction of my business.

    1. David Siteman Garland says:

      Becca – There are definitely some great routes to go in terms of “productizing” if you will including online courses, online coaching, membership site, online events, etc. it all depends on your style/your audience. Have you check out The Talk To The Top yet? ( we are going to be covering online courses and membership sites big time 🙂

    2. sean vosler says:

      hey Becca – thanks for tuning in 🙂 had a lot of fun with David! dropped an image here in the comments that might help with integrating a continuity system into your business model 🙂 let me know if it helps!

  4. Lindsay Sims says:

    Loved the interview. What program/software do people use to do mind maps? I haven’t found one that I really like, but I really like what Sean put together.

    1. sean vosler says:

      hey hey Lindsay! love me some mind maps 🙂 i use MindNode Pro for Mac, not sure if they have a PC version– super simple and easy to use! (and a little bit of fun too lol)

  5. Ross PR says:

    So Sean you mentioned being able to target your ads on Facebook to the fans of any page or person you wanted. The example you gave was Donald Trump. I’ve looked at the targeting for days and can’t seem to figure out how that’s possible. Can you clarify. I can only seem to target people who have already liked my page but not to a page that is similar to the audience I want to target. Thanks Oh and yes I’m just getting to listen to this 🙂 Great interview btw.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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