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Punching Dollars for Hours in the Throat with Sean Vosler

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No, seriously. Don’t worry, I didn’t get punched. That should make you really happy or really sad. Hopefully happy. 🙂

Today we are punching dollars for hours in the throat. Let me explain.

I’ve got a cool convo to share with you with Sean Vosler who *was* a web designer who got sick of trading dollars for hours and took his expertise and turned it into a really cool product. You know my philosophy, but the top mediaprenuers monetize by creating their own products that make money even while they are…

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • monkeying around
  • watching paint dry
  • watching their kids
  • having fun time with the spouse
  • getting a traffic ticket

…you get the point.

Dollars for hours can be a good thing (if it is lots of dollars for a few hours), but isn’t a long-lasting business model because of one key word: FREEDOM.

Watch/Listen to the convo below (and nab some cool downloads).

And here is a challenge for the comments section. What experience or expertise can you package up for your next (or first) product?


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