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A Product You Can Create In One Day (Without Stressing Out)

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As promised- back with a brand spankin’ new mini lesson today.

Let’s get at it.

I’m not a huge fan of this term, but I’m going to say it anyway (I feel like it is corporate jargon): Low hanging fruit.

Really, all it means is something somewhat obvious and simple you can do.

In today’s mini lesson, I go over a VERY simply strategy to create a product that takes about 1 day (yes, seriously) that you can sell to your peeps (and they will love you for it).

Watch below to learn this strategy in less than 15 mins.

As always, I’ll be in the comments section helping out below. Enjoy!


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  1. Christopher Stafford says:

    Great idea D! For realtors there are so many topics to discuss. This is awesome, thanks!

    1. Toni Hogan-Agent Success Coach says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Christopher!

    2. Absolutely, there is a HUGE opportunity in the realtor niche.

  2. Victor Manolo Antunez says:

    This is so easy to do. I taught myself to do this by taking classes at the Apple store and watching tutorials on youtube.

    For the video camera I use my computers built in cam. For sound I use a Yeti. I make my slide presentations in keynote and do screen capture with screenflow.

    Yes, there is a learning curve, but really its a piece of pie.

  3. Jason Gracia says:

    Love this, D. I am going to dive into creating mini-courses very soon. I had been tinkering with the idea, but your video tipped the scales. Keep these things coming.

  4. I love this thanks David!!

    Question: If someone has ZERO following/Credibility/Total Newbie, and only has 21 days to live.

    Would you focus on building a following/platform to launch from (by offering value, freebies, etc.) or jump right into creating that kick ass tutorial and start charging right away (even before building the following)???

    I remember in one of your videos you said if you could go back in time, you would have started with something to sell while building up your brand, got me thinking! =D

    1. I’d have a product on my site when I launch it in that case

  5. Great idea, I immediately have an idea on what to do the first mini tutorial on: partner selection for strategic alliances and partnership. An overlooked element for any collaboration and I have some tools that I can include as part of the tutorial. Any “golden rule” on how long a tutorial should be? I can talk through the tool in 10 minutes and easily make it up to 60 minutes or more.

    1. Rule of thumb: Your goal is to get them the result/info the quickest/easiest timeframe. that could be 5 mins or 2 hours depending on what it is.

  6. AKZMeDesigns says:

    This great I’m going to create few this weekend. I had a dream of starting a training site but hasn’t moved on it much pass putting up the pre-launch screen.

    Would you recommend having the videos downloadable or only view on the site.

    1. I’d start with ONE not a few πŸ™‚ And I’d allow people to do both (download or view)

      1. AKZMeDesigns says:

        LOL very true, I start with 1 thanks for the feedback and great information

  7. cynthialil says:

    I’m confused about how you take payment and then deliver. I mean, when I put my cc info in and buy your tutorial – what is the mechanism that “unlocks” it for me and where is the video hosted.

    1. All very easy stuff. You can do a wordpress password protected page (easiest) or simply give people access through a username and password via wishlist member or pilot press

  8. Patrick de Boer says:

    I’m thinking about creating tutorials for material development for teachers. However, this would require me to show them some tips and tricks to make the materials as well as give them an ‘over the shoulder’ look. Don’t you think this might be boring to watch in a video compared to real life training?

    1. Only boring if you are boring πŸ™‚ and if that is the case doesn’t matter if it is offline or in person LOL

      1. Patrick de Boer says:

        So true. I guess I’ll just give it a try and see what it’ll look like. Thanks for the free lessons, keep them coming!

  9. paulwturner says:

    Great video. I am inching ever closer to making/completing my first video due to your videos. Thanks.

  10. Nina Lewis says:

    Thanks. Great tips! I actually hosted a live 2 day virtual retreat, and turned it into a 6 set video training series. I have been marketing it on Facebook with minimal success at a $19 rate, however, I want to sell them for $ 97 bucks. But, the process of creating the hosting and turning it to videos was an effortless process for me. I am working on my next video training series right now as well. πŸ™‚

  11. Candace Chira says:

    Long story how I found you which I’ll save for another day. lol. Bottom line – this is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!