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The Juiciest The Rise To The Top Episode Ever? An Entire Information Product Marketing Plan in 30 Minutes

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Seriously get ready to bust out the pen and paper or whatever-notetaking-device-strikes-your-fancy.

Back story: Michael Kory is someone I found on YouTube a while back. And immediately I liked the guy’s personality/realness and his really cool healthy cooking videos (sweet potato chips and healthy peanut butter cups…yes please).

A few months ago, I opened my big mouth and gave Michael some advice on how he could REALLY maximize his brand and generate some big time revenue by creating his own information products.

And ready for this…he listened! And he launched his first big information product (not shockingly…a series of healthy cookbooks).

But now Michael has the questions that many of you do. How does he maximize the sales of his information product? How does he bring in new customers? How does he build his list? What should be his marketing strategy?

This is where things get…awesome.

In about 30 mins (or less!) I outline an entire information product marketing (and list building) strategy. Best part? I taped the entire thing for you (so you can pick up all the tips, strategies and more and use them for YOUR business).

This is a MUST WATCH/LISTEN and perhaps the juciest The Rise To The Top episode ever. Enjoy below and see you in the comments.




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michaelkoryCool stuff mentioned in today’s episode:

Michael’s healthy cookbooks
Michael’s website
Michael on YouTube
Facebook ads workshop with Amy Porterfield


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