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The Evolution Of Online Video With Special Guest “The British Bill Gates” Stephen Streater

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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Passion. We talk about it all the time as it is obviously one of the many ingredients to success. Stephen is so passionate about the evolution of video, that I don’t think I get in more than two words in this interview (which is a good thing, because who the heck wants to hear from me)?

Stephen StreaterA little about Stephen: He is the Founder of Forbidden Technologies (their North American brand is called Formidable Technologies) out of the UK. The technology is called FORscene (mentioned in the Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Guide To Online Video Tools, which you can check out here) and is “virtual video tools”. It really is cool stuff and was designed by Stephen Streater. He is considered the “Bill Gates” of the UK. He is the guy who created all the Lara Croft Tomb Raider games and then went on to do the movie. FORscene is proprietary codec, called blackbird, developed by Stephen Streater whose expertise is artificial intelligence. He first put it to work for the British Military, so privacy is intrinsic to the FORscene technology.

In English: He has created something really cool that has revolutionized video editing…and Tomb Raider. Enjoy!

Make sure to check out FORscene on the Formidable Technologies website.

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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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