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Measurable Marketing & Digital Strategy – Featured Interview With Brian Solis

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There are a lot of questions about digital strategy that pour in every day. What sites do I need to be on? What exactly is a strategy? Do I need to measure? If so, what? How do I get results? What are the key mistakes? Is social media just a small brand game or can big brands also succeed?

Well, I decided to bring in someone REALLY smart to talk about all of this with us.

Brian Solis is smart. REALLY smart.

He is one of the top influencers AND executors (rare combo) when it comes to digital strategy. Brian is the principal of FutureWorks (award-winning New Media marketing and branding firm), a top blogger at BrianSolis.com (an amazing read with all kinds of data and other goodies…every time he posts), and author of the new book (HIGHLY recommended): Engage (Amazon Link)

In this interview, Brian and I discuss digital strategy, some tips for you and a walk through of a measurable strategy (plus…if you can’t tell, a lot of fun).

Enjoy! And make sure to nab a copy of his new book Engage (same Amazon link as above). It really is a fantastic read.

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