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Need Some Inspiration To Follow Your Passion? Take Notes From Today’s Guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke



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A big topic here on the show (as you know) is following your passion when it comes to business/career/projects, and learning from those who have done it (in all kinds of different ways). The fluff-free reality is sometimes this is freakin’ hard regardless of your situation. It takes massive…kahunas. Enter today’s guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke, who just might spark you through their story full of quitting what they didn’t like to pursue what they did (despite MASSIVE obstacles).

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About Today’s Guests, Justin and Chaunna Brooke:

Justin and Chaunna BrookeThis is right from Justin’s home page: Married a smart and beautiful woman, raised a son, wrote a book, built a six figure home business, and designed my life so that I do what I love everyday. Justin also lists himself as a cool dad, romantic husband and a damn good blogger. You can find his site here and check him out on Twitter @justinbrooke.

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  • Loved this if I had a guest room I’d invite them over to give me a swift kick, daily, they really are inspirational. I’m still having the issue of sitting at my desk every day, I keep going with there is always tomorrow. Hate that in myself!

    • Haha that would be awesome to do house calls! As for your “tomorrow” problem I recommend finding one key thing you must do or that you are best at.

      Maybe it’s writing a blog post, maybe it’s doing some SEO, maybe it’s interviewing someone. Find just one thing that moves you forward the most and just make sure you do that first before anything else. After that one thing is done you can take the rest of the day off if you want.

      That way maybe it won’t look so intimidating thinking about all the things you must do or all the work that has to be done. Anywho, I’m no preacher, but I hope it helps.

    • David Siteman Garland

      Haha, yes it is all about finding that darn spark! Justin – Can you go ahead and kick Erin? JK/

  • Thanks for having us on the show David, we really enjoyed re-watching this interview and had quite a few laughs at ourselves.

    • David Siteman Garland

      Fantastic having you on. The best part is when the video froze and your expressions (just kidding). Seriously awesome. You guys rock.

  • Hey Justin and Chaunna I need a mentor 🙂

    • I wish I had the time. I do have some other options though as to how I can help you if your really want our guidance and gentle push. Contact me on Facebook

  • Debbie Saviano

    David-LOVED LOVED LOVED the Interview with Justin and Chaunna    .#336
    Comment might be a little long BUT….. 🙂  know you will understand 🙂
    Phil and I have spent our adult lives together -1st Chapter in Education (retired Principals in the same school district)
    Now in the 2nd Chapter we are exploring ALL the wonderful opportunities.
    Thanks to people like YOU-we have learned so very much. Could SO Relate to Justin when he said he spent 16 hrs. a day LEARNING!
    That is SO us!
    Have told you this before but you have provided us so many “different” Learning Moments (like this Interview) as well as the “Introduction” to others who have since become Teachers to us as well.
    You have an amazing ability to “Walk the Line” of understanding the Male/Female Role-Differences inyour Interviews and that is one reason the Interviews are SO Successful. They reach ALL Audiences. Phil & I love that and LEARN from that as well.
    It has allowed me to start a Blog that focuses on Supporting / Empowering Women (to find their LIGHT).
    Together Phil & I have a Blog that focues on Hot Springs, AR. where we provide a focus for Travelers who are seeking a Unique and Unusual Travel Experience.
    Justin commented on a Mentor from Idaho. That is also relevant and evenn without you knowing it (YOU are my unofficial Mentor) through your Interviews and Guests.
    This Interview was extra Special as Justin & Chaunna are a Happily Married Couple Working Together. A DREAM Come true for sure!
    So as Justin said we want to “Eat the Lemon Chicken” 🙂 AS we do things we have a PASSION for.
    OK, told you it was a LONG Comment, however, there was so much to say. 🙂 as always! Great Job…..Debbie

  • Hey Justin and Chaunna, your number one fan here.  Great Interview David!  Your interviewing skills are awesome.  You really got Chaunna and Justin to spill the beans!

    Loved these guys for ages (like followed Justin from RB’s time).  So guys, I got 2 spare rooms (1 for you and Chaunna and 1 for the kids) an office like lollipop playland, acres for Big Brother to run around in, doggies for him to pat, a good shoulder for bubby, so come to australia and mentor me in person for a month haha!

    Love you guys, and now I will be a fan of David his site rocks!

    Love and Light


    • David Siteman Garland

      Looks like there is competition for stealing Justin & Chaunna LOL



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!