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How Did John Romaniello Become a Top Fitness Mediapreneur, Snag a 7-Figure Book Deal, and Build a Passionate Audience So Darn Quickly?

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Ever just meet one of those people where you are like, “Dammmmnnnnnnnnnn. Why does he/she always seem to be doing something awesome?”

John Romaniello is one of those peeps. In just a few years, he went from a random trainer to one of the top online fitness personalities with a multiple six figure (now 7-figure) mediapreneur empire, a passionate audience, a ridiculously awesome book deal (7 figures, once again). Now that book is a New York Times bestseller.

How the heck did he do it? I grill him in today’s episode of The Rise To The Top. Listen below. Roman has a super unique style (which I love and appreciate anyone being themselves without apology). See you in the comments section (make sure to leave some love). 🙂


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Roman’s new book, Man 2.0: Engineering The Alpha (affiliate)
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Roman’s personal site (cool design, btw)
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