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Jeffrey Hayzlett Wants All Entrepreneurs To Look In The Mirror

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Jeffrey Hayzlett has a LOT of knowledge (and personality) all of us entrepreneurs can learn from. A natural at sales and marketing, Jeffrey has been on the leading edge for quite awhile.

You might know him as the former CMO of Kodak with multiple appearances on NBC’s “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump. Or perhaps you have met him at a business conference where Jeffrey entertains and inspires the audience. Or you have connected with him on Twitter.

And now Jeffrey has a new book out called The Mirror Test (Amazon Affiliate Link). It is quickly becoming a “must read” for small and big companies alike as Jeffrey is definitely an entrepreneur at heart even though he was the CMO at a massive company.

In this interview, Jeffrey and I jump into a variety of topics to help build your business smarter, faster, cheaper including:

-The importance of being concise.

-How to deal with (as I call it) negabots (you know the people…they wake up and drink their haterade).

-Why passion is NOT a substitute for planning.

-Keys to marketing and selling yourself online without being a jerk.

-Adapting vs. Dying and Adapting vs. Being Patient

+ much more.

Hunt Down Jeffrey:

On his website

On Twitter

Buy The Mirror Test (Amazon Affiliate Link)

What about your thoughts? What do you think of Jeffrey’s ideas and philosophies? Anything you are going to take a hard look at in your business or do differently?

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