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David Heinemeier Hansson Wants You To Rethink Entrepreneurship & Business

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Exclusive Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson from 37 Signals , creator of Ruby On Rails, co-author of the amazing new entrepreneurship book Rework (Amazon Link).

There are few better to learn lessons on entrepreneurship and marketing than David Heinemeier Hansson and that is exactly what we dive into in this interview.

David and 37 Signals (a great software company with products such as Basecamp) are rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship. One by one. And not in theory. In practice. (if you want some fluff, you know what to do…go pet a bunny).

Taking on the cliche rules such as:

“Bigger Is Better”

“You need to have a really fancy, detailed business plan.”

“You have to shoot for being a billionaire to be considered successful.”

“You have to invest all your time, energy and money into your company. No risk. No reward.”

“You should only create a company to sell it.”

“The customer is always right.”

“You need to spend a ton of money on marketing.”

“Growing quickly is the key to success.”

Some things you will DEFINITELY want to check out:

Rework (Amazon Link) written by David and Jason Fried. It is a quick read and will make you think and act.

Hilarious video on Rework (and GREAT promotional ideal).

Sortfolio: David mentions this as a great resource to find quality web designers.

37 Signals: Unique software for businesses including Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack and more.

David’s Site: Loud Thinking His speeches are REALLY entertaining.

Signal Vs. Noise: Their blog focused on design and usability.

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