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How To Make Your Website More Sharable & Spreadable

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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How To Make Your Website More Sharable & Spreadable

It is no secret the one-way, corporate-speak, personality-lacking website is dying by the day.

Here are some easy wasy to set your site up so it will be like peanut butter: Easily spreadable. A great way to build your business by being smarter, faster and cheaper.

1. Updated Content: A blog is usually the answer here. Give people a reason to keep coming back.

2. Share Buttons: Even if you don’t know the difference between Digg and, your audience might. Know your audience and what buttons they use to share stuff.

3. Links To Your Social Media Sites: Let people find you on social media. Don’t worry about people leaving your website, instead allow viewers to interact with you where they feel comfortable which might be Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. Email Marketing: Stay in contact with people. Don’t just randomly add people (SPAM), but have an easy opt-in email. Email is currency.

5. RSS Feed: Really Simple Syndication (basic article on RSS here): Quick people to read many blogs in a short amount of time. People can access your content when they want it. A must-have.

6. Social Media Sharing Buttons: Allow for retweets (Tweetmeme is a good service to use to add a retweet button), Facebook Share and other niche buttons in your niche (example, we use Biz Sugar to share content with entrepreneurs and small business owners. A great website and share button).

7. Search: We use Lijit (Thanks Chris Brogan for the idea). Allows folks to search, find, share (SFS).

8. Comments: Key to being interactive and social. Allow for comments. Participate. Have fun with it and allow all comments.

Not sure where I heard this quote, but a truly great website isn’t completed when you can no longer add anything, it is completed when you can no longer take anything away.


The details:

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A fantastic event for entrepreneurs whether aspiring or established. There will be some awesome speakers out there (and me, somehow I slipped into the mix). For ticket information and other goodies check out their website.

I’ll see you there!


I’m sure I missed some ways to make your website more sharable including mobile, etc. What has been successful for you?

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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