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Learn How to Do Cool Stuff: How to Buy Traffic Really Cheap



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

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Today on The Rise To The Top: The #1 Non-Boring Business Show: Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anything about buying traffic. Nothing. But as a business owner, the more we know about all kinds of cool stuff, the better  – and that is why I thought we could all benefit from some knowledge from today’s guest, Justin Brooke. Justin is a rock star when it comes to paid traffic (in fact, he started his first business with $60 in paid traffic) and is here to teach us the basics. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks for having me on David! By the way anyone driving Facebook traffic you can still drive traffic to your custom tabs (fan gate) with paid traffic.

    The new timeline changes took away the default landing tab but you can still use them with paid traffic.

    • David Siteman Garland

       Ah that’s good to know. Always great chatting J!

  • You guys totally rocked it. I learned more about traffic in 30 minutes with you than I have in 3 months of surfing. Simple and sensible. Thanx a MILLION! 😉

    • David Siteman Garland

       Awesome! So glad to head that.

  • Anonymous

    Another great interview. Interviews with specific, actionable things we can do after listening are great – would like to hear more of those.

    • David Siteman Garland

       Awesome plan on much more. And if you have any suggestions on topics, I’m always all ears 🙂

  • Do you have a traffic course or product something to buy? The link you gave has four great videos and spreadsheet but you mentioned course if I’m not mistaken… would like to know the URL for that?

    • David Siteman Garland

       Hey Jack – Let me ask Justin on this one.

    • David Siteman Garland

      Jack – Talked to Justin. He said the way to get to the course (to buy) is going through the funnel that starts with those spreadsheets. My guess would be that soon you will get a link for the product. Hope that makes sense!

  • This was awesome! I totally the idea of having these “tip” interviews. Great addition to the show. Looking forward to learning even more from you and your guests!

  • Gerald

    Hey David,

    Discovered your site a couple of months ago and it’s terrific.  Your interview style is very refreshing.

    I’m catching up on your past interviews here and there as I can but I just wanted to say I’m really glad to hear you say you’ll be diversifying a bit from the internet marketer interviews.  They are good in moderation and got me really excited for a while… but honestly it can get a tad repetitive.  Guys who coach guys to coach guys to coach guys to coach guys and so much of it just reeks of a sleezy new-age pyramid scheme.  In today’s space, I think this works only for a tiny % of people and the rest are being sold false dreams.

    It would be great to hear from more people who actually BUILD THINGS. The fitness mom guy and Noah Kagan come to mind.  I’m not expecting Spanx billionaire creator Sara Blakely, but an inventor or something in that vein would be nice.

    Selfishly, as your typical overworked physician, I’d be interested in more stories of guys who found a way to get out of the medical field grind ( sort of thing).

    Or I know it doesn’t cater well to the typical get rich quick marketing crowd, but how about a silicon valley software startup interview?  Not necessarily a facebook/google giant but maybe a small successful phone game developer (Angry Birds??), or something along the lines of Kagan who found a small successful niche to work. As a former software engineer, I know there are many really smart guys out there who are stuck in that paralysis by analysis mode where they’re afraid to put their ideas out there.  Or interview the typical teenage kid I see at starbucks selling website design / hosting to small businesses.

    • Gerald

      another suggestion, as a big Top Chef fan… what about a restaurateur or a food truck guy, or mom and pop bakery or cupcakery.  

    • David Siteman Garland

       Hey Gerald -Glad to have you here! Appreciate the thoughts; however, The Rise To The Top brand is all about turning your passion/expertise/knowledge into a badass brand (especially online).

      A big thing I’ve learned is when you cater to everyone, you really aren’t catering to anyone so most people that hang out here have one or many of these qualities:

      1. Have an expertise/passion they want to monetize.
      2. Are mediapreneurs: Bloggers, show hosts, podcasters, etc. looking to build their credibility, brand, revenue
      3. Internet marketers who package and sell information, training, etc.
      4. Also peeps that leverage the Internet for speaking opps, consulting, coaching, etc.

      Software startups, food trucks, and other stuff like that is certainly interesting, but the not something where I can help the community the most.

      And I gotta say, while there are definitely some sketchy coaches in the Internet marketing biz, the peeps I’ve had on are the absolute best (Ryan Lee for example is my IM coach and is freaking awesome). What I was saying, is I wanted to move to some more skill based interviews (learning to do cool things) but focusing 100% on the needs of the community.

      Hope that sheds a bit of light on it!

      • Gerald

        fair enough, David. thanks for the response

        i just wanted to throw in a vote in for more interviews with guys like Kagan, David HH, and Hsieh, who build stuff then market, rather than market to market. (selfishly) those are the guys that get me really inspired.

        of course, you know your audience best. definitely enjoy your show!



These are the EXACT same steps I used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online course sales in less than 24 months (and used by over 2,500+ of my students)

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!