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How to Avoid Burning Out on Your Topic of Expertise with Michael Port


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This is one of those subjects that is really important for any mediapreneur, but not talked about nearly enough.

Burnout. Meaning, we are all told (correctly!) to dominate a very specific niche.

Let’s say it is vegan food for moms. And you bust your butt off to build your credibility, brand, etc. And you build a kick-butt audience. Maybe you write a book about vegan cooking. You create killer products and programs all associated with vegan cooking.

Inevitably, though, at some point you are going to want to pull your hair out if you get ONE more question about what your favorite vegan meal is! So, how do you deal with it?

Enter today’s guest, Michael Port. He’s the best-selling author of Book Yourself Solid (affiliate) and an awesome dude. Here is the cool thing. Michael has been teaching service-based businesses (you know, the ones with clients) how to “get booked solid” for OVER A DECADE (I mean, woah!).

Today, I nabbed him to discuss a ton of inner workings of his business and specifically how does he keep things fresh (both for himself and his audience) and continue at the high level of energy and quality he is known for. His answers might surprise you…and end your burnout worry forever.

Watch and listen below. And make sure to let me know your thoughts, and how you deal with burnout, in the comments section.


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Get ready for 100X more awesome. Coming April 2019.

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