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Unique Entrepreneur: How Dan Benjamin Created “NPR For Geeks” From Scratch

How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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Dan BenjaminDan Benjamin didn’t want to “just” start one show online about technology. He wanted to create an empire. An Internet broadcasting network with a viable business model and all kinds of unique shows.

And Dan has climbed the mountain. 5by5 is his network and features shows such as The Pipeline, The Big Web Show and others, that collectively are downloaded 120,000 time PER WEEK (yes, per week).

The amazing part? Dan has created this from scratch without a multi-million dollar budget (contrast that with CNN who lost hundreds of millions of dollars before they became profitable). Now that is smarter, faster, cheaper.

In this interview, Dan tells us a bit about how he did it, including the overall vision, business model, what has worked/what hasn’t and much more.

I’ll definitely have to have Dan back on the show soon to talk more about marketing and other goodies. He is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and we can all learn from him (and on a personal note, since we are expanding programming soon…spoiler alert…I can pick his brain about it, hehe).

Enjoy and looking forward to your thoughts.

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How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Course & Dream Business

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